About the client

Nufarm Limited is one of the world's leading crop protection and specialist seeds companies. Nufarm produce products to help farmers protect their crops against damage caused by weeds, pests and disease.

What Nufarm was looking for?

Imagine a single point for growers to obtain everything that they require to make their farming practices effective and sustainable. Growers couldn’t have been more delighted. And a grower’s delight is Nufarm’s delight. That is exactly what Nufarm needed.

Nufarm has invested heavily in generating resources for growers over the past ten years; this includes the Spraywise program, Spraywise decisions, Cotton map, Cottonwise, Canolawise & more recently WeedLogic & PlantBeat and as well as printed product materials.

So far, so good. But for Nufarm to become the best and a market leader in agricultural development, being good was not enough.

There was an immense need for it to build a robust technological infrastructure with a unique platform inclusive of decision support tools, weather forecasting information and product support, thereby increasing grower engagement.

Our Solution

DRC Systems came into the picture because of their active involvement with the client’s project and their unbeatable range of expertise and capabilities. True to its reputation that it has garnered over just a few years, DRC Systems immediately got to work as soon as Nufarm proposed the challenge in front of them.

Envisioning Nufarm as the market leader in agricultural development and one stop solution for growers, DRC Systems brought all their resources of cumulative experience in the field, researches and analyses to the table.

Based on the detailed information shared by the client regarding their current situation and existing programmes, DRC Systems conceptualized a strategy to combine existing range of tools and websites into a single customized entry point to decision support tools, extension information and product support.

Understanding the business requirement followed by an active brainstorming session led DRC Systems to step by step implement and execute their plan to build a resilient infrastructure that is a win-win for both the growers and Nufarm. In this manner, Nufarm gets a unique opportunity to track grower usage patterns, influence purchasing behavior and develop new programs and also influence product formulations over longer term as this improves grower (customer) engagement. Also, growers will have an easy to access and user friendly platform for all their agricultural requirements.


A DRC Systems believes in working systematically and in a structured format to avoid unnecessary errors and confusion that may cause loss of time in later stage. It is very important to dwell deep in the work plan and have a streamlined approach before beginning the work. For DRC systems, every project goes through the following stages:


Project Initiation

This is when the DRC team examines and analyse the current situation of the client and understands their requirements basis which a strategy is developed to solve the problems that the client may be facing. A feasibility report and list of recommendations are then submitted to the client. In Nufarm’s case, a detailed assessment helped the team to identify that although Nufarm had a lot of programmes in their portal that are quite useful to their target audience, they were not available in a cohesive format and were functioning separately to one another. A strategy was devised to merge all of them in one singular platform so that it becomes user friendly for the growers.


Project Allocation

Post project initiation, DRC Systems works with its team and drafts a scheduled timeline of the project that includes the required resources and turnaround time. The same was applied to this project as well where large complex elements were broken down to small modules called extensions. To ensure smooth functioning so that our client doesn’t have to compromise on time, development task was divided according to the skill one is having. Following team was assigned for various responsibilities:

Roles Responsibility
RolesProject Management ResponsibilityTo look after the updates from end client as well as to check existing needs
RolesSenior TYPO3 Developer ResponsibilityTo create the data structure and outcome of the development and to conduct short meeting with project manager on daily basis and to plan further implementation
RolesJunior TYPO3 Developer ResponsibilityTo contribute in developing complex code structure with ease.
RolesSenior Web Designer ResponsibilityTo build responsive ui for the project which can be compatible with various devices like Mobile and Tablets.
RolesQA ResponsibilityTo figure out the difference between what was developed and what was desired, in addition their task was to find out the vulnerability of functions before its actual delivery time.

Project Execution

DRC Systems invests a lot of thought and time in the first two stages so that execution is smooth and as per the plan. By the time this stage is reached, the developers’ team is crystal clear about what exactly needs to be done. For Nufarm too, it was ensured that no questions, even if the minor ones, from the clients side were left unanswered. Voice calls were arranged for constant communication with the client so that decisions were arrived at smoothly.

Once everything was clear, the team started to efficiently implement a robust, custom-designed solution for them. The timeline was strictly adhered to and reports were frequently submitted after completion of each task. TYPO3 CMS was chosen over any other CMS for its popularity to easily cope up with the needs and ability to achieve performance with ease. Also, prominent versioning control tool was used in order to work on one module from different places simultaneously.


Challenges are inevitable in any project and this was not an exception either. However, DCR perceives every challenge as an opportunity to bring out the best for their client. This portal demanded DRC Systems to push the envelope and use every ounce of knowledge for the betterment of the project.

The team had to use excessive amount of customization as far as configuration and/or code was concerned. While the ultimate package looked immensely easy and smooth, a lot of complex coding went behind it to bring out a CMS with vast amount of features. Coordination of design and development was needed in order to provide accurate third party integration that can fetch weather data forecast and history.

It also had the unique requirement to meet the standard of coding guidelines which also kept the developers more focused in completing any task. Various third parties API, plug ins and their customization were essential requisites to the existing module structure.

The Results

Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Tab Results
Tab Results
Tab Results
Tab Results
Tab Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results

Business Impact

Finally the tenacious effort paid off and the result was a scalable as well as an eye catching portal for Nufarm that pushed it a few more steps closer to its mission and vision of serving the growers effectively, much to their delight. DRC Systems left no stone unturned to give Nufarm what it needed and came out triumphant, happy and of course highly satisfied.

The credit goes to each and every member who gave their all to this project including our client whose faith in us kept us going.

Technical environment

Linux, MySQL, PHP, TYPO3 CMS with Extbase Framework and Fluid Template Engine, Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MPDF as PDF Library, Weather API, Google Charts API, Geo Names API and other APIs regarding UI.

The biggest reward for DRC Systems

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