About the client

Metro-Link Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad (MEGA) Company Ltd. is an SPV company of Government of India and Government of Gujarat.

They wanted to develop an interactive website that could:

  • Handle dynamic data
  • Give real-time information to passengers
  • Provide information to different user types — travelers, contractors, or information seekers.

Scope of Engagement

MEGA wanted the following features to be incorporated in the website:

  • Responsive design for compatibility with any browser and should be readable on any device
  • Support multiple languages
  • Google Maps integration
  • Integration with Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • News Section to house press releases by MEGA, news articles, picture gallery for project site
  • Visitor Counter to be displayed at the bottom of the homepage
  • Scope for scalability for future enhancements
  • Rich SEO for precise and effective search of website

How DRC Systems Helped?

The MEGA project contracted DRC Systems for this project. Time was a crucial parameter, so we chose to build the website on a CMS, rather than build it ground up. We zeroed in on WordPress CMS because it offered

  • Wordpress website security
  • Wordpress Website speed
  • Wordpress website scalability
  • Simplicity
  • Built-in Comments
  • Flexibility
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Publish with Ease

More details about the solution:

  • Created the entire database for the MEGA project
  • Based on the services provided we planned different modules for website development, frontend development, gallery, Google Maps integration, advanced data modification for future, etc.
  • Layout of the website was designed with feedback from client
  • Tested the sitemap on the server to gauge performance
  • High emphasis on SEO, to achieve higher ranking in search engines
  • Carried out testing and maintenance by adding a feedback mechanism to fix any problems quickly without inconvenience to users

We also put together a user manual, a system manual, and a design document to provide overall understanding of the integration and website, in a step by step manner. We also made the source code available to MEGA technical team for future customization.

Value Delivered

  • Rolled out the website in 45 days
  • Worked in collaboration with MEGA team to ensure timely delivery
  • Provided visibility and transparency on the progress of MEGA project
  • Easy Installation and Upgrades
  • Full Standards Compliance
  • Easy Theme System
  • Media Management
  • User Management

Client’s Feedback

We were looking for a technology partner to develop our website. The Metro-Link Express from Gandhinagar to Ahmedabad (MEGA) is a highly regarded project, as it is a joint initiative of the Central Government and the State Government of Gujarat, so we had set very high standards for the technology vendor. We wanted a partner who would understand our needs and deliver an impeccable website under stringent timelines and within our budget. We invited applications from several vendors by floating a tender and zeroed in on DRC Systems, as they were a perfect match for our requirements. 

The project execution was smooth, as the DRC team had perfect understanding of our requirements and the technical expertise to deliver the project to our expectations. The DRC team completed the project in record time, while taking care of smallest of details and provided all the required support and consultation from time to time. 

We worked with some of the most efficient and professional developers from DRC. We were a true team during this engagement, and it never occurred to us that we shared a vendor-client relationship. Going forward we will prefer working with DRC Systems and highly recommend them for any IT projects. 

About DRC Systems

DRC Systems offers a wide range of software development services like customized software development, web application development, open source customization, product development, embedded systems and software, website designing, legacy application migration and re-engineering, SEO and SEM services.

Since 2008, DRC Systems has been providing IT solutions to clients across the globe, spanning various industry verticals. Our unique global delivery model and expert professionals, help us deliver market-leading solutions. To learn more about our services visit us at: http://www.drcsystems.com/

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