About the client

AOPR is a PR Agency that belongs to Amore incorporated. Amore Incorporated is a premier Public Relations, Marketing and Event Production boutique firm based in New York City. The firm represents emerging businesses and brands within the entertainment, lifestyle and corporate sectors, which are committed to increasing brand awareness.

What was AOPR looking for?

Public Service Management is an umbrella term under which a diversified set of activities are undertaken. A PR agency is always held accountable for any media backlash of the client. Thus it is important for them to be very systematic in their functioning so that they don’t miss out on important alerts regarding their client and vice-versa.

This is what AOPR required – an APP to provide their clients with information on project status, project updates, alerts on press garnered, milestones, progress, the life cycle of their account, quick access to their account representative, and a schedule of their account activities and other pertinent information to give the client an overview of the progress and work that AOPR is doing for them.

In this way, AOPR can manage their work more efficiently and the client would also feel that they are in safe hands with AOPR and possibly see the value of their investment on AOPR when they are constantly made aware of what is happening with their brand. This would help AOPR elevating the trust factor of their clients.

Our Solution

AOPR wanted a system that would take care of their clients’ projects with lesser manual intervention and increasing efficiency. DCR systems came up with the following solutions to help AOPR achieve their goal:

Single Platform for PR Agencies & clients

Built user-friendly single platform where PR Agency can manage/track clients, campaigns, task, discussions, reporting, as well as advance features like Event Management and Coverage Book. Also, their Clients would be able to check status and follow up over things from a single platform.

Dynamic creation of campaigns with project phases, TO-DOs, discussions

A dynamic template module was created where PR Agency can create templates which can be applied at the time of campaign creation and create phases, TO-DOs, discussions, timeline etc. automatically within the campaign

Coverage Book

Using custom apps & third party APIs, the system can get Social media and other statistics mapped with that particular campaign.

Solution to build and send automated reports to Clients

Including information from TO-DOs, task discussions, general discussions in report was facilitated and a general flow was prepared so that information could automatically be gathered and placed in reporting. It was also made possible to schedule automatic sending of reports from the system to clients.


DRC Systems follows a practice of adhering to a systematic and unique process so that their clients’ projects do not suffer from last-minute errors and changes. The four stages that all projects go through are:


Project Initiation

In this stage the entire project’s foundation is laid out. A detailed assessment of AOPRs business was done based on which various gaps were identified. A list of recommendations to bridge those gaps was then submitted to the client.


Project Allocation

At this stage a task list was prepared and each task was allocated to an expert individual along with a timeline.


Project Execution

Based on the plan drafted in the second stage, all the teams involved in the project dedicated their time and resources to finish the project on time and deliver exactly what AOPR required.


Every challenge is like an opportunity to learn something new for DCR Team. AOPR was a humongous project that required DCR system to use their craft to perfection.

A single platform where all the campaigns could be tracked and monitored was made that demanded keen attention from everyone involved in the project.

The Results

The DCR team is in the process of building a system that would tremendously help AOPR manage their clients systematically.

Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Desktop Results

The features would include

  • Common platform/Portal for all of the PR Agency Employees and client
  • User & Rights Management
  • Manage Client-OR User Relationship
  • Dynamic template creation for Campaign Phases, Discussions, TODOs, Timeline, Budgeting etc.
  • Manage Campaign, details, discussions, TODOs, Files
  • Event management and - Scheduling
  • Manage Appointments
  • Task Management and Auto Reporting to clients
  • Marketing Management, Task tracking
  • Business Support Operations
  • Coverage Book Integration-development with Facebook API And other social networking API integration
  • Manage Milestones and statistics reports
  • Dashboard, alerts, notifications management
  • User friendly & Responsive Web Design

Technical environment

Entity Framework
SQL Server

The biggest reward for DRC Systems

The values that make DRC Systems what it is

Process Oriented

For DRC, the client is of utmost priority and our unique and streamlined approach help deliver projects on time.

Focus on quality

From process design to finally the project deliverables, highest quality of service is granted to the client.

Global knowledgebase

DRC systems is constantly learning and upgrading themselves to an ever changing technological environment for the benefit of the client.

Cost effective

Providing clear, data-driven metrics backed by powerful reporting options enables DRC Systems to ensure all the solutions are cost-effective.

Clear Communication

DRC Systems understands the gravity and importance of a project given to them.

Hence, DRC Systems makes sure that every communication related to the project is transparent so that the client is aware of what exactly is happening and where does their project stand on a daily basis.

DRC Systems Globally Available
DRC Systems is globally available.