About the client

Gurukul is a secular school for boys that has been providing quality education since last 16 years, Affiliated with CISCE, New Delhi and accredited by AdvancED, USA, Gurukul offers education from K to 12 with a balanced emphasis on Study, Sports & Spirituality, and is operated by Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Sarvajivhitavah Trust.

What was Gurukul looking for?

Gurukul has been in the running for the last 16 years reducing a great deal of students and alumni all over the country and beyond. So far the administration process of the school has been fragmented with high level of manual intervention and enormous database.

With the changing times, the need of the hour was to replace this haphazard way of handling the administration with a user-friendly, technologically advanced solution.

They were in need of a robust customizable ERP solution to manage their various activities from admission, campaigns, fee collection, finance to complete student management system all at one place that can be accessed from various branches of the school.

Our Solution

Gurukul relied on a lot of paper work that consumed enormous time of the office staff leaving them with little or no time to do other important work. DRC system understood that there was a need to simplify the administration process that so far seemed unmanageable from operational perspective.

A single solution covering all aspects of administration process from admissions, campaigns, student management to finance management was recommended:

  • To Build an ERP system that contains various modules which are integrated in single database and can be operated from a single platform.
  • To implement flexible role based rights, flows and information management.
  • To Use API based architecture where ERP system runs using API based flow.


Whenever DRC systems undertakes a project, it makes sure that the project is delivered on time. A thorough plan and a systematic approach are followed so that there are fewer surprises at the time of project completion. In DRC systems, every project goes through the following stages:


Project Initiation

DRC systems initiated the project by having thorough discussion with the client that helped them understand the scenario better.

Basis the discussion, a list of solutions were tailored for the client that helped them come to a concrete decision of what exactly do they require to be made.


Project Allocation

The project was then allocated to a team of expert developers assigning each of them individual responsibilities based on specialized skills they had. This improved the productivity of the project and saved a lot of time.

Every updates were constantly being shared with the client in form of reports so that the client is in the loop of the progress of the project.


Project Execution

At this stage, DRC tam was clear on what was required to do to give the client the best possible solution. DRC system started building a centralized and standardized online management system that brought all administrative activities to a single platform which could be accessed by the school and students alike for their specific set of activities. DRC system also enabled integration of future organizational requirements and services, whenever needed, to the system without depending on third party software.


The major challenge was to build the system from scratch and digitize a humungous database so that there is fast and effective access to important information. There was a need to integrate admissions, campaigns, fee junctions, financial aspects, reports in a single system for easy access and management. The system was also to be made highly configurable and future ready.

Dashboards were to be displayed based on the role of the users; be it teachers, students or parents so that they can access only that information that serves their purpose. The whole ERP was to be built API based that may help in creating apps in future.

The Results

Finally DRC system is in the verge of deploying a robust easy to use school management system that would help Gurukul to carry on their administrative activities with less pressure and increasing ease.

Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Tab Results
Tab Results
Tab Results
Tab Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results

The features would include

  • Content Management System
  • Role based Configurable dashboard
  • Multiple Branches
  • Biometric and GPS integration
  • Fee Junction API integration
  • Combination of Student Management, Faculty Management, Manage
  • Biometric Machine Integration
  • GPS integration
  • Roll out services
  • Branch wise user role management
  • Report card
  • Organization wise & Branch wise configurable policies
  • 100% Paperless Organization
  • Fee Junction API integration
  • Educational ERP
  • Dashboard, alerts, notifications management
  • User friendly & Responsive Web Design

Technical environment

The biggest reward for DRC Systems

The values that make DRC Systems what it is

Process Oriented

For DRC, the client is of utmost priority and our unique and streamlined approach help deliver projects on time.

Focus on quality

From process design to finally the project deliverables, highest quality of service is granted to the client.

Global knowledgebase

DRC systems is constantly learning and upgrading themselves to an ever changing technological environment for the benefit of the client.

Cost effective

Providing clear, data-driven metrics backed by powerful reporting options enables DRC Systems to ensure all the solutions are cost-effective.

Clear Communication

DRC Systems understands the gravity and importance of a project given to them.

Hence, DRC Systems makes sure that every communication related to the project is transparent so that the client is aware of what exactly is happening and where does their project stand on a daily basis.

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