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Behind the glamorous horse racing are a team of workers whose days start at 3:00 am to make sure the horses are healthy and groomed. In this whole process, the workers’ own health is often neglected and forgotten. B.E.S.T(Backstretch Employee Services Team) is a Non-Profit organization dedicated towards uplifting the lives of backstretch workers – men and women, at the Aquedact, Belmont, and Saratoga Race tracks, by providing them health care and insurance assistance.

What was B.E.S.T looking for?

In the heart of B.E.S.T’s initiative are the workers who do back breaking work to take care of the horses. In its grand endeavor to help the workers lead a more dignified life, B.E.S.T offers on-site counseling and primary healthcare services for free. Over 500 workers have been benefited from this.

While B.E.S.T has put all their effort to provide the workers all kinds of health utility services, a sophisticated and secure documentation of all the workers’ activities was what was needed to aid this generous endeavor and propel smooth functioning.

Our Solution

In alignment with the client’s mission, DRC systems team put the best foot forward to help B.E.S.T achieve a comprehensive system of serving the workers more fruitfully.

Based on multiple interaction with the client, DRC systems was able to pinpoint the exact requirement and tailored a solution to manage a huge volume of data by proposing to build an extensive Employees Insurance management and accounting system that is highly secure and in compliance with the HIPPA.

It was not easy to handle so many workers’ as B.E.S.T took care of their check-ups, insurance plans, transportation, counseling services etc.

Hence, DRC wanted to build a system that would help the client to track their workers diseases, symptoms, diagnoses, and also they will be able to identify providers, health insurance plans, and employers for them.


Whenever DRC systems undertakes a project, it makes sure that the project is delivered on time. A thorough plan and a systematic approach are followed so that there are fewer surprises at the time of project completion. In DRC systems, every project goes through the following stages:


Project Initiation

This is when the DRC team examines and analyzes the current situation of the client and understands their requirements basis which a strategy is developed to solve the problems that the client may be facing. A feasibility report and list of recommendations are then submitted to the client.

When B.E.S.T was taken up, DRC held a lot of discussion with the client to understand their pain points and goals based on which a secure CRM, Insurance Management Tool and Quickbook Sync/integration system for accounting was proposed.


Project Allocation

DRC Systems formed a core team of top experts who solely worked on the project to transform the client’s vision into a tangible reality.

A roadmap was outlined by the team from the scratch that had everything planned out from timelines to responsibilities assigned to each individual.


Project Execution

At this stage, DRC tam was clear on what was required to do to give the client the best possible solution. The team designed and developed the UI and also managed support for the client. Health insurance portability and accountability were provided by establishing electronic healthcare transactions and national identifiers for providers, health insurance plans, and employers. In compliance with the HIPAA act, all the electronic health records were secured with encryption so that no data scraping tool can access vital information.

Via QuickBooks integration, the provider, the billing information and cheque status were synchronized. To boost data processing, database and file backup were provided in two ways – scheduled backup or manual backup, as per user’s requirement. Auto scheduling backup of whole website, media files, and database was built over authorized secure place. Also, to help track and monitor the behavior of the users, a detailed log of user’s activities were maintained.

MD5, TRIPLE DES Encryption & ICryptoTransform method were used to convert/transfer all the required details.


One of the major challenges in this project was to strictly comply with the HIPAA act which meant = handling all information of the workers required physical, network, and process security measures to be in place and followed.

Also there was a tremendous amount of data involved that needed encryption and proper integration. It was complex and time consuming.

The Results

The team dedicated all their resources on this project and the result was a secure HIPAA compliant system developed with ASP.NET framework that stored data in encrypted form and made transfer of data over secure channel.

Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Tab Results
Tab Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results

The features would include

  • HIPAA Compliant Implementation (Health Insurance Portability and Ac countability Act) to secure sensitive Medical records of the Employees.
  • User Management with roles and rights.
  • QuickBook Integration/Sync with the system for accounting.
  • Log management of every activity in the system.
  • Backup & Restore, Scheduled Backup for the whole system
  • Employee Medical Records registration like diseases, symptoms and diagnosis management in secure encrypted format.
  • Dashboard, alerts, notifications management
  • User friendly & Responsive Web Design

DCR system always strives for perfection in their performance and makes sure that the clients get more than what they expect. Working for B.E.S.T was a pleasure as it was part of a larger social framework. The project was delivered on time.

The team also assisted the client post sales during process adjustments so that they can continue with the system without any external help. It was a delight to know that B.E.S.T is highly satisfied with the developed portal. Today the client is easily managing their employees’ insurances and taking decisions and updating their status smoothly.

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