Establishing & Maintaining Relationships With Your Customers

CRM acts as a complete suite of business activities, marketing strategies, software planning, sales tactics, and other processes that build long-lasting relationships between organizations and their customers. This software ensures that every step of the interaction with the customer goes smoothly to increase the overall profits. The CRM tools gather customer data from multiple channels. Hence the CRM software acts as a warehouse to store huge volumes of data, purchasing patterns of the customers, their details, and other information.

As the name implies, Customer Relationship Management is a science that deals with improving the business relationships between organizations and their customers. With proper CRM solutions in place, it becomes easier to find new customers while maintaining good relations with your existing customers.

Features That Make CRM A One-Of-A-Kind Platform

CRM stands for customer relationship management. A custom CRM platform can help your organization manage and maintain customer relationships, track leads, marketing and deliver expected results.

Contact Management

Contact Management is an important element of CRM. It allows the organizations and users to segment the contacts into groups to organize them in a better way. This function helps to manage the customer data thereby helping you design marketing strategies to introduce new products.

Determining & Managing High-Quality Leads

This feature allows businesses to determine the target customers to follow up based on their demographic data. Lead management improves the efficiency and productivity of your sales team by helping them focus on the right leads at the right time.

Dashboards & Reports

Once the dashboards are integrated with the business intelligence tools, report making becomes extremely easy. Dashboards offer real-time data updates and can be accessed from different portals. This increases the ease of information access for customers.

Accurate Sales Analytics

This is one more important feature of the customer relationship management tool. Customer relationship management helps your organization collect data from social media posts, website traffic, online polls, ads. This helps in preparing better campaigns.

Mobile Responsiveness

Your staff can easily view the data to receive valuable reports regarding the alerts on the campaigns on a mobile device. Users need not have access to a desktop computer to view these reports and plan a strategy. This improves information access to users.

Salesforce Integration

SalesForce integration is another important feature of CRM. Apart from sales activity management, it also offers complete support for call management (outgoing/incoming) and campaign management. All this is done to improve the impact of future campaigns.

Email Client Introduction

Your organization can gain total control of an automated email client with an integrated CRM solution. This automates the customer-handling activities directly from the email client. As a result, there is improved information flow across different departments.

Approvals & Workflow Management

Workflow optimization is one of the best ways to instantly increases the efficiency of your organization. Customer relationship management software can optimize several aspects including data collection, marketing campaign management.

Data Management

One of the important features of CRM is data storage and management. This helps users fetch the data efficiently. As a result, access to information is improved. CRM tools also offer data security backup and protection of the data silos. Organized data storage prevents losses and thefts.

File Synchronization

Apart from managing the business process, it also ensures smooth information flow. You can synchronize your data with Google Drive, upload emails from Outlook, import the spreadsheets and do a lot more.

Sales Management

Among the important features of a custom CRM, comes the sales performance management. Managers and team leads can view the elements and analytics of sales performance. They can check which particulars are not performing well and collaborate with the sales partners.

Perform These Operations With A CRM Software

Communication Management

Track the communication history with your customers including emails, calls, meetings, and much more.

Customer Data Management

Manage those reminders, appointments, and emails. Remember the birthdays of your customers and their Anniversaries.

Activity Management

Easily manage multiple tasks and activities and deadlines of different operations along with their reminders and outcomes.

Quotation Management

Generate price quotations, convert those quotations to invoices and link them to your organization and contacts. Manage your quotations and use them accordingly.

Issue Management

Address to the inquiries, track the various stages of inquiry, batch inquiry assignment, communication history, and requirements of your customers.

Report Preparation

Generate the reports, manage the call logs, manage the appointment reports, and check the status of inquiry reports.

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