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If you have a question on ‘How to build MOOC?’ you should know that MOOC creation needs great attention to details, tedious hours of preparations, and thoroughly guided instructions. While there are many institutes or companies that help you with MOOC platform, design, and project management, DRC Systems is an all-in-one place that offers you the most potential MOOC builder.

At DRC Systems, the MOOC consultant who teach ‘How to make a MOOC’ think through an all new way. The material given on MOOC platform, design and project management have to be easy to understand. Though MOOC maker or MOOC builder tutorials are available on the Internet readily, DRC Systems adapt some of the latest technologies to make the learners understand.

Once you are acquainted with MOOC maker or MOOC builder, you’ll have hands on the latest technology and come up with better product in the market. One of the best benefits is you will be able to have frequent updates that reflect newer challenges and transformation in technologies.

MOOC Development at DRC Systems includes

MOOC Platform

Learning Management System

Content Management System

Discussion Forum

Good UI and UX Experience

Analytics for Management

Scalable, Higher arability

Mobile Application for Android and iOS

Student Progress

Interaction tools

  • Quiz (Multiple types of questions)
  • Online programming editors
  • Videos
  • Forum

Content Generation

  • Subject matter experts
  • Pre-production of digital content
  • Video shooting
  • Post-production
  • Course creation
  • Assignments
  • Assessments
  • QA of content kind of proof reading


  • University
  • Schools
  • Private Institutes
  • NGO
  • Governments


  • Employee Training
  • Customer Training

MOOC Developers Team and Roles

Technical Team

  • Project Manager
  • Designers & Animators
  • Development Team
  • Data Entry Operators
  • Platform / Technical Issues
  • Cloud Maintenance
  • Big Data Analysts
  • QA Engineers

MOOC Content Generation Team

  • Instructional Designers
  • Instructional Technologists
  • Camera Operators / Equipment Technicians
  • Video Post-Production Engineers
  • Audio Technicians
  • Designers & Animators
  • Subject Matter Experts (Faculty Members)
  • Teaching Assistances
  • QA

How to start MOOC

  • Have a list of learning goals
  • Requirement Gathering, Need Analysis and Feasibility Study
  • Estimation of time and cost
  • Project Initiation
    • Authoring tool
    • LMS
  • Alpha testing – LMS platform
  • Pre-Production of the course (story board generation)
  • Feedback from Subject matter experts (SME)
  • Production (video recording/shooting/screencast)
  • Feedback and testing
  • Post-Production of the course (editing part)
  • Interactive learning modules (quiz, documents, images, emulators, custom graders etc.)
  • Alpha testing and proof reading of the course
  • QA/QC of platform and course
  • Beta release
  • Final launch
  • Practice MOOC as and when you get time
  • Actively participate in MOOC learning and debate. Student-to-student interaction is the best way to master MOOC

The MOOC community is the best part of MOOC technology. The more you participate in discussing the technology, the more you have hands on the technology. DRC Systems helps you learning MOOC. Contact us now and enjoy our expertise.

DRC Systems Globally Available
DRC Systems is globally available.