Redefining The Health Sector With The Right Code

Medical and billing coding are the two close pillars in the healthcare industry. Both aspects are looked after as they are really important elements in the reimbursement cycle. DRC Systems makes sure that the health care providers are paid for the services they offer.

DRC Systems provides you with 360° medical solutions for more than 30 specialists so you can focus on providing your patients with quality healthcare services. Our experts in this field have years of experience in healthcare billing. With the latest tools and technology, we get you more reimbursement at the earliest.

Why Are Medical Billing and Coding Services Important?

Medical Billing and Coding services are important as they streamline the operations. These solutions help clients handle their claims, reimbursements, and denials. This ultimately results in the delivery of quality patient care.

Better Patient Satisfaction

Great care is taken to ensure claims are reimbursed faster, errors are removed and denials are followed up quickly. This improves patient satisfaction levels.

Ensures Billing Compliance

An organization will ensure compliance at all levels that is deeply rooted in all operations and business activities. This guarantees smoother internal and external tax audits.

Accelerates Cash Flow

Medical Billing and Coding solutions allow clients to effectively maintain and manage the quicker collection and have a consistent cash-flow which accelerates cash flow.

Saves Money

Medical billing and coding services can save money & cut down training costs. This assists the hospitals in managing their budget for office equipment, machines & hardware up-gradation.

Reduces Billing Errors

Medical institutions ensure that their staff undergoes rigorous training to successfully attain the required knowledge and quality of work that is needed in the industry.

Quality Patient Care

Medical Billing and Coding services redirect the resources from serving patients to managing complex billing queries. This allows the staff to spend more time with the patients.

Helping Enterprises Stay Financially Fit

We offer you a complete suite of medical coding and billing services to our clients. Being HIPAA compliant, we have a web-based billing service where all the electronic data is transferred securely. We are proud of our database and collection of services. Our clients find great deals in terms of these attributes.

Simplified & Smooth Operations

Revenue Generation

Lesser Escalations

Lesser Denials Of Medical Claims

Our 11-Leaf Model

Our 11-leaf approach gives you foolproof coding and billing that not only reduces the chances of denial but also accelerates the revenue so that you can focus on expanding your practice by seeing more patients.

Provider Enrolment & Credentialing

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Denial Management & appeals

Medical Coding

Claims Management

Payment Posting


Charge Posting

Patient Statement


Patient Demographic Entry

Our Attempt To Practice Six-Sigma Benchmarks

We attempt to have six-sigma benchmarks to provide you with the best services meeting international standards. Here is our holistic approach.

PQRI & ICD-10 Ready

Guaranteed Client Satisfaction

Transparent Billing & Practice Management

Submission Of Foolproof Claims Each Time

One-Stop-Solution To Manage RCM

Reduced RAC Audits

Professional & Certified Coders

No Hidden Costs

State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure

Why DRC Systems For Medical Billing & Coding Needs?

DRC Systems is a HIPAA-compliant IT outsourcing company that deals with providing your institution with the required resources thereby helping you manage all the administrative tasks. Our custom infrastructure not only secures the critical electronic medical records (EMR) but also safeguards the pillars of your institution.

We house the best infrastructure and we have the required expertise to provide our clients with state-of-the-art Medical Billing and Coding services. We manage your revenue model and integrate it with our prompt medical coding team to deliver the required solutions. Our billing team handles the reimbursements and makes sure that all claims are reimbursed on time. Our Medical Billing and Coding helps your organization to effectively manage the cash flows.

The highly skilled team of tech experts and developers carefully takes all the necessary APIs and transforms the same into a workable solution. Our healthcare apps connect you directly with the concerned medical authority you require. You can get the required medicines and supplies via medical apps. These solutions and services make DRC Systems, one of the best healthcare app designers across the planet.

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