Our Open edX® Consulting Services

DRC Systems’ Open edX® consulting services include a deep-insight understanding of the organization/ individual needs and propounding the most efficient solutions for developing the MOOC courses with the help of Open edX, an eLearning platform.

DRC Systems relies on software engineering and systems integration expertise to offer consulting and custom development services. You can avail out of box features of the Open edX technology while working with us.

We add real value to your ‘piece of work’ by answering your queries and ensuring that you are on the right track. Expert consultancy at this stage saves you significant time and money in ensuring that you are making the informed choices and getting the right fit for yourself early on.

Our Consulting Desk Will Surely Solve Your Queries

Is Open edX right for me?

I have my own content, how would I use the Open edX technology to create my own courses?

I merely have a concept in mind, how can I capitalize on same by building MOOC Course using the Open edX technology?

How can I evaluate the progress on my piece of work?

What are the additional Open edX features offered by DRC Systems?

How does the pricing strategy look like?


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