Try our easy MOOC system perfect for Educators, Coaches, Institutes, NGOs, Corporations, and many more. Now you can offer courses and training that are engaging and highly effective. This means greater efficiencies for you and the ability to reach your goals with far less effort. Plus, your courses will look and function beautifully!

MOOC is the online education delivery method of choice emerging in recent years. MOOC stands for “Massive Open Online Course.” This simple name describes exactly what MOOC does so well as it lets you create exciting courses that an unlimited number of people may attend. With MOOC there are almost no limits to what you can do.

Your courses can include voiceovers, lectures, videos, films, and interactive problem sets along with many other exciting options. This makes the DRC Systems platform highly flexible and able to perfectly accommodate whatever your subject and teaching style demand Plus, we give you the ability to seamlessly accommodate virtually any learning style or curriculum design. You have greater control to brand your pages. Include your logo and header images along with your chosen color scheme. And for those times when you can’t figure out what to do next, we provide excellent customer support.

Planning & Implementation

DRC Systems ensures the standard implementation of Open edX technology for creating MOOC courses. Our planning and implementation phase is highly agile, which allows our Open edX experts to inculcate the changes when and where required.

Our veteran team of engineers and expertise works in collaboration with the clients to develop the avant-garde MOOC Course that is noteworthy. Transparency, simplicity, agility, and fortification form the base of our planning and implementation phase.

Planning & Implementation Paradigm At DRC Systems

The planning, implementation, and development phase at DRC Systems occurs in the following paradigm.

Introduction Phase

  • Get acquainted with the client and understanding the business
  • In-depth understanding about the needs of your organization

Development Phase

  • Developing the unrivaled solution in line with your need
  • Integrating the solution with your organization structure

Support Phase

  • Increased efficiency & smoother transition of deliverables
  • Continuous fortification & upgradation

Explore the options which we provide and let us know if you have any query/doubt. We look forward to working with you to create the courses and training you envision.

“Our ultimate goal is to ensure a smooth transition and build a long-term relationship
by offering state-of-art solutions to our clients.”


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