Open edX is the open-source software that is licensed under the AGPL license and the code of the platform is located here. There are some entities and handfuls of technical jargon related to Open edX, that help us serve you better in creating the customized MOOCs according to your business requirements.

Platforms & Components


  • Python, MongoDB, MySQL, Nginx, Gunicorn in server and HTML/Javascript in browser
  • Some extensions might include Django + Mako, RoR, SASS, Coffee, Backbone, RequireJS etc


  • Two main components LMS (learning management system) CMS (content management system)
  • Other components might include Ansible, Forum, Certification, XBlock, XQueue, Ora2, android & iPhone apps, XServer, Discern, Ease, Notifier, Edinsights, etc.

Open edX architectural design is highly modular and scalable which is the driving force behind its rampant success. It allows the introduction of new, innovative customizable components (XBlock) that can be easily plugged in. This flexibility and the open environment have driven our firm to embrace this platform that adds value to our services. At DRC Systems, we offer a highly customized Open edX platform for creating avant-garde courses in partnership with our clients.

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