One-of-a-kind, PimCore Platform™ is an open-source enterprise software that manages customer experience for every digital channel. Acclaimed by some of the reputed market analysts including Forrester and Gartner, this platform is digitally transforming more than 100k businesses in 56 locations across the globe.

DRC Systems provides PimCore Platform and we are fast-tracking businesses into the digital era in different industries. Our mission is to deliver an excellent customer experience along with digital data management.

Our suite of PimCore Solutions offers a centralized solution for product information management, data management, digital asset management, online commerce platform management, and digitally transforms your business.

Pimcore Platform

Product Information Management

PIM optimizes all your digital marketing efforts and sales strategies. Whether it is drag-and-drop operations, workflow management to improve accuracy and productivity, this software streamlines your output channels with the right product information.

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Master Data Management

Master Data Management allows you to manage all the attributes of master records including validation, hierarchy, structure with accurate descriptions and documentation. Manage all types of data from one place.

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Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management is an open-source product from Pimcore that offers a centralized hub for all your media assets including image files, graphics, texts, documents, videos, and other media content for the best digital experience.

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Digital Commerce Platform

DCP addresses the challenges of complex digital commerce. This eCommerce platform is powered by a suite of composable API-driven components to create high-performing solutions for all your B2B and B2C requirements.

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Digital Experience Management

Optimize and offer digital experiences to all your audiences at all touchpoints. Ensure a cross-channel continuity with either a decoupled web content management strategy or a pure GraphQL-based headless content delivery approach.

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Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform offers a unified view of all the related data with unique features for profile unification, audience segmentation, and triggers marketing automation to help you personalize your content via Rest API.

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We at DRC Systems, offer the Pimcore platform to help you hyper-scale your core operations including digital data management and information presidency. Our main aim is to help you offer the best digital experience to your customers. Let’s connect and discuss how we can digitally transform your product and fast-track you into the digital era.

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