Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform is another excellent platform that allows you to enable, store, manage and store the master data records of your customers. By analyzing the customer activities and combining the data from different sources, CDP provides a unified and consistent view of all the related data.


Customer Data Integration

Customer Data Platform offers you the functionality to combine and store third-party and individual-level customer data from multiple sources in real-time. This improves the scalability of the process and speed of data retrieval.

Customer Data Modelling

Aggregate the user profiles and customer data, link social profiles, build audience segments, offer personalized experiences and more. Analyze your customers' activities based on third-party data streams and offer them excellent personalization.

Profile Unification

CDP allows you to merge different devices to a single individual when identified. This includes de-duplication of customer records and matching third-party data to have all your customers under one single account.

Real-Time Personalization

CDP is backed by personalization based on real-time on-site behavior and customer segmentation. It offers personalization to the known users and also connects the same with the anonymous users managed in the Customer Management Framework.


The Customer Management Framework provides tools that can automate any action linked to the customers according to the pre-set rules. Every rule has multiple triggers, multiple actions and one condition.

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