Master Data Management

Combine your master data across multiple complex systems with this powerful Master Data Management platform. This platform allows you to manage all the attributes of master records including validation, hierarchy, structure and enrichment with accurate descriptions, translations, documentation and related data. MDM helps you to manage product data, employee data, customer data, reference data, location data and vendor data.

Basic Features

Data Modeling

Data Modelling feature enables enterprises to manage the data of any domain. This data includes relationships, attributes, and dependencies. This makes the data easily accessible throughout the entire product life cycle.

Data Management

Data Management helps you gather business intelligence and streamlines all your data governance. This powerful feature allows you to add and manage attributes, translations, descriptions, documentation and other related data.

Data Quality Management

The data quality management feature of the Pimcore software assists you in meeting all your compliance standards and helps you in increasing productivity through efficient data management. This feature monitors your data quality and integrity.

Workflow Management

Pimcore Workflow Management enables enterprises to track, create and manage all the workflows according to the specific requirements. This feature monitors the workflows for effective data stewardship and governance.

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management feature of the Pimcore platform offers an unmatched digital experience by centralizing all the media assets including graphics, image files, videos, documents, and text.

Omnichannel Publishing

Omnichannel Publishing is one of the most important features of the Pimcore platform. It offers the right product information to multiple output channels with a headless API-driven environment.

Apps & Data Integration

PIM integrates all your apps and data into your existing IT landscape and keeps all the data sources together. Its API-driven environment helps you search, retrieve, and integrate all the required data in real-time.

Enterprise Features

Product Experience Portal

Highly configurable portals, PXPs offer excellent features such as product filtering, sorting, analytics, sharing and more. With this feature, you can centralize, manage, and share every aspect of your product for all the channels.

Product Data Syndication

Product Data Syndication offers you all the tools to execute all your product data channel strategies. Pimcore platform offers a powerful suite for product syndication for better sales and marketing strategies.

Marketplace Integration

Integrate with multiple marketplaces and expand your digital footprint across the globe. Track and manage your orders from a centralized dashboard. Marketplace integration allows you to scale the market with increased customer acquisition.

Product Feed Management

Product Feed Management allows you to custom tailor all the touchpoints and product data in bulk. Make the most out of every touchpoint to offer an excellent customer journey.

Enterprise Translation Management

The Enterprise Translation Management feature of Pimcore's platform automates your product information translation process. This is an enterprise-grade feature that eliminates monotonous operations and repetitive labor tasks.

Microsoft/Adobe Integration

Pimcore integrates with your Adobe Cloud or Microsoft Office applications. Access and fully utilize the product information and other digital media assets. You can have total control over your assets without leaving your apps.

Enterprise Print Publishing

Enterprise Print Publishing feature of the Pimcore platform helps you create marketing and sales collaterals with the help of publishing components. With this feature, you can create personalized print-ready sales and marketing collateral.

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