Introduction :

Karnawati Renault, which is one of the most reputed stores of Ahmedabad for buying Renault car. Client wanted features like booking a service, booking test drive, quote the latest cars, portfolio with complete information like photos and other configuration of cars, notifications on new arrival and special offers,current offers for purchase, user friendly feedback system. App should support all devices of iOS and Android(mobile & tablets).

Challenges :

The core challenge in development of such system was the data. The portfolio maintained in the system must be updated. The car’s images which are displayed in the app must be sharp and accurate. Complete integration of client’s existing offline system to the mobile platform. Accurate test drive and service booking facility. Smoother user experience.Develop reusable code for mobile and tablet to save development time and cost. The notifications must be received accurately.

Solution :

We created robust backend for maintaining the portfolio of cars. All the images shown in the application were processed and optimized for different resolutions in such a way that it will not create any memory leak or crash. The User Interface developed was very user friendly keeping all cadres of users in mind. All the native smart features like Automatic reference Counting (ARC) for memory management, Storyboard, Image caching were integrated to have implementation up to date to support latest OS releases. As the application was targeted for both mobile and tablets, from the beginning code was developed in such a way that majority of elements could be reused to save development efforts and cost.

Outcome :

The client is very much happy with the way application has been developed and being adapted. Whole staff of client adapted the application, It saved their lot of time of manual register entry. Staff got rid of carrying number of brochures for different cars, they had complete portfolio on finger tip.The scalable and flexible architecture of project made it easy to bring updates and create clones for different stores.


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