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Salesforce is the World’s largest and globally popular cloud CRM platform. It helps an organization manage customer data, processes, and operations thereby establishing and maintaining warm relationships with the customers. Whether it is recruitment, sales, business operations, project management, or human resource management, Salesforce is everywhere. It acts as a centralized hub for internal teams so they can work as a single unit from anywhere.

What Makes Salesforce Cloud Platform A Widely popular CRM?

Because of several advantages of this powerful CRM, it is globally accepted. This powerful platform allows you to manage all the business operations from a centralized hub. These are the advantages of this powerful platform.

Involve Your Customer In Every Interaction

Collect and manage the data and reconcile it with unknown individuals. Connect these data sources across devices and channels and create a single profile of each customer that is shareable across multiple business units.

Design Your Custom Cloud Marketing Strategy

Engage across multiple touchpoints including cloud marketing, commerce, and sales, to connect with the customers at the right time with the right message. Track and analyze the search results to optimize the customer journey.

Automate Engagement With Every Customer

Create connected journeys that act based on your customers’ actions in the process. Leverage AI to plan and optimize every move and design new segments based on the cross channel data.

From Lead To Revenue Generation

With Salesforce integration, you can close the deals faster and drive more revenue with automation techniques and analytics. This open-source platform helps your organization focus on the target audience with the cloud marketing feature.

Fill Your Pipeline By Combining Sales & Marketing

Acquire quality leads with high conversion rates by combining the marketing automation techniques with sales intelligence with Salesforce.

Broaden Your Radar With Sales Opportunities

With the Salesforce cloud platform, you can put your customers at the center of every operation and get a comprehensive view of customer activities. Manage the sales, business activities, and marketing, all from a centralized hub.

How Much Is Salesforce Beneficial?

Your customers are most important to your business. No matter what your industry is or what your products/services are, your customers are the most important assets of your organization.


One of the most important user selling points of the Salesforce cloud platform is its unique feature of adaptability. The objects and elements of Salesforce CRM software can be aligned to meet your custom requirements anytime.

Convenient Management

Apart from its flexibility, another strong advantage of Salesforce implementation is the convenience it offers to manage the entire system. Small and big organizations love this feature as it helps them manage their business operations.

Largest Web-Based Platform

This CRM is the world's largest ecosystem that offers tons of advantages to its users. Salesforce implementation is being continuously evaluated and checked by the users and this further adds to the improvement of this powerful CRM software.

Standard Salesforce APIs

Apart from the endless applications in the AppExchange, there are separate applications that you can link up using their standard APIs. This is another strong advantage of using the largest web-based platform.

Infinite Options & Apps

The cloud solution of Salesforce comprises the applications that you can purchase from the AppExchange feature. This is a major benefit when compared to the other suppliers where you need to have tool integration from one supplier to another.

Customer Details

Customer information management is one of the important advantages. This platform retrieves the quality and quantity of information. It helps you easily track all the information you need to keep your customer profiles organized.

Account Management & Planning

With all the customer data you need, you can plan and manage several accounts easily. This is yet another important advantage of Salesforce. You can access the quick approach you need to make a connection with the clients.

Time Management

With all the customer data, you can easily manage your time to explore the system and check the on-going projects and other business processes. Apart from that, you can organize tasks for different accounts using the same procedure and criteria.

Team Collaboration & Management

Salesforce also allows you to easily communicate with other members of your team. The 'chatter' option lets you talk with individuals or groups. You can have work and task-related discussions and share documents as well.

Why Choose DRC Systems For Your Salesforce Needs?

At DRC Systems, we design custom solutions and services for our clients that help them in several ways. Our Salesforce services and CRM solutions streamline the activities and improve the efficiency of your business processes.

  • Developing a strong marketing strategy to attract the target audience
  • From lead generation to revenue generation
  • Our platform developers help your organization make business decisions
  • Successful deal-closing techniques that improve the conversion rates
  • Integrating the Salesforce APIs for easy data access with your organization
  • CRM integration to manage the customers’ activities

Salesforce cloud platform is a powerful tool that can strengthen your business verticals thereby closing the deals successfully. We have a strong presence in India, the US, the UK, Germany, the Middle East, the Netherlands, and several parts of Europe. Our platform developers are competent enough to handle your queries and design customized solutions by leveraging Salesforce CRM software.

We’d love to help your business achieve new heights in the market!


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