Artificial Intelligence and Automation put together are giving birth to ground-breaking innovations that transform conventional business processes. From automating mundane routine tasks such as in software testing to making critical decision in businesses or a driverless car, automation has taken a great leap. Don’t be surprised if you see a robot cashier at the bank when you visit next.

Automation is on the must have list of every organization be it a Manufacturer, a Retail Store, a Healthcare Provider, a Bank, or an Educational Institute. Chatbots, Robotics, AI, Automation are set to begin a new era for businesses worldwide.

DRC Systems understands the inherent need for automation and we are providing cutting-edge solutions to our clients across the globe. Our solutions set new standards for productivity, quality, speed, and functionality.

DRC’s AI and Robotics Offerings

We have developed strong partnerships with leading AI and Robotics pioneers in the industry and we are working on enhancing and customizing them to make them work from our client across industries.

IBM Watson

DRC Systems can help you implement Watson Virtual Agent for cognitive customer engagement and Watson Explorer for content analytics to suit your specific business needs.

Watson Virtual Agent

Watson Virtual Agent helps you to build a bot to entirely take over your customer service function. This cognitive, self-service tool with built-in analytics can answer customer queries and take action.
Some of its features include:

  • Industry and domain intelligence
  • Personalize configuration for custom needs
  • Dashboard with engagement metrics
  • User friendly
  • Reduce support costs
  • Bots-powered self service
  • Deep analytics capability
  • Quickly and hassle-free implementation
  • Enhance customer experience

Watson Explorert

Drive business-critical decisions and achieve faster ROI with this industry-leading cognitive search and content analytics, cloud-enable tool. Drive intelligence from silos of data—structured, unstructured, historic, internal external—to gain 360o view of your customer.
With Watson Explorer you can:

  • Improve customer engagement
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Cognitive indexing and search


A Chatbot is an intelligent computer program that utilizes sophisticated natural language processing systems which communicates through audio and text mediums. You could leverage a Chatbot as a Customer Support Bot, a News Bot, an Advisor Bot, a Weather Bot, a Scheduling Bot, and so on, the opportunities are endless. Siri is a classic example of what a Chatbot can do.

How do Chatbots work?

Think of it as an artificial brain. It understand languages and learns and improvises with each passing day. To make the interaction more human-like developers are making Chatbots capable of recognizing speech pattern and non-verbal cues. Implementing a Chatbot could look like a very challenging project, but with the right technology partner it can be done in no time.

DRC’s Expertise

DRC has been developing Chatbots for various clients and with varied applications. If you have a problem to be solved with a bot, DRC has the right bot for it. We have built several bots by leveraging IBM Watson, etc.

Pepper Robot

Ever heard of a robot that can sense emotions? When you raise a brow or smile or frown, Pepper Robot — the Humanoid — can sense it all. As of now, Pepper Robot is only available for schools, colleges and universities to teach programming and conduct research into human-robot interactions. 

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