Medical Billing

DRC Systems is a full service medical coding and billing company with an expertise in all sorts of medico-technical assistance. Ours is an HIPAA-compliant, web based billing services where electronic data is transferred securely. Our collection is quite above the industry average and as a result of that, our clients find great savings in revenue generation, reduced escalation, and minimal denial of the medical claims.

DRC Systems provides you with an end-to-end medical solution for more than 30 specialties so that you can focus primarily on your practice because you are a doctor, and not a typist! Our experts in medical billing and coding combine years of experience in comprehensive billing with the latest technology and tools to get you more reimbursement, quickly.

Leave medical billing on us, and we commit to keep you financially fit and worry free!

An utterly organized seamless way to simplify your medical practice

Unlike other medical billing and coding companies having an assembly approach, DRC Systems believes in a dynamic customized client oriented service. Whether you are an individual practitioner or a corporate hospital, our professional medical billing services treat you with the same excellence.

An 11-leaf model

DRC’s 11-leaf approach gives you a foolproof coding and billing that not only reduces the chances of denial, but also accelerate the revenue so that you can focus on expanding your practice by seeing more patients. The leaves are as follow:

Patient demographic entry

Insurance eligibility verification

Medical coding

Charge posting

Claims management

Payment posting


A/R follow up, denial management and appeals

Patient statement


Provider enrollment and credentialing

Reduce your efforts up to 70% and increase your OPD up to 25%

Our attempt to practice six-sigma benchmarks

We attempt to have six-sigma benchmarks to provide you with the best services meeting international standards. Here is our holistic approach –

PQRI and ICD-10 ready

Guaranteed client satisfaction

Transparent billing and practice management

Submission of foolproof claims each time

One stop solution to manage RCM

Reduced RAC audits

Professional and certified coders

State-of-art infrastructure

No extra or hidden costs

The benefits of having medical billing and coding services

Assumptions : Visit time per patient = 15 minutes Average billing amount per visit = $150 DTTP = Documentation time per patient.

Method Hours DTTP Patients Seen Revenue Transcription Net Revenue
EMR Alone 8 8 Minutes 15 $2250   $2250
EMR+Dictation 8 3 Minutes 20 $3000 <$150> $2850
Net Gain Revenue 8 5 Minutes/Pt 5 $750 <$150> $600*200= $120,000/Year

*Above calculation is based on 40 weeks/year** Above Source of the information provided by MTSO with additional calculation.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide you with very accurate and top-notch medical coding services. Our main aim is to offer tailor-made services and flawless communication. We commit to provide our clients with insurance follow-ups and maintain timely billing.

DRC Systems optimizes the turnaround time for better reimbursements. We have the capability to get a personalized service. We offer a total solution for EMRs, complex billing, and customer support. Many label us as the extension of the doctor’s clinic or hospital.

Our vision

DRC Systems’ vision is to be known as a renowned medical billing and coding service provider that is unparalleled in customer services and quality par excellence. We enjoy keeping customer loyalty as we constantly expand our customer base. Our vision is achieved by offering advanced products and services for managing a medical office without any increase in overheads.

DRC Systems Globally Available
DRC Systems is globally available.