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DRC Systems in all terms, can be named another company excelling in Typo3. Typo3 division at DRC started with a small team with an interest generated by our Technical director. The fondness for the CMS systems by our team has helped us to march ahead in this field and today, we have a good base of satisfied customer. Typo3 CMS system or rather we would say that it will be injustice to just call the Typo3 a CMS system, its technology, architecture and other key aspects are beyond just the CMS system. To know more on Typo3, click here

Within a span of 11 months DRC Systems Typo3 development team has worked on more than 89 extensions and closed over 11 projects. The team has undergone extensive training under the guidance of our technical director, he has groomed the individual team members to take up the challenges in the field of the Typo3 customisation and Typo3 extension development. Also, in these fast few months we had an opportunity to work with the architects of Typo3. We had an opportunity to work with companies that work exclusively on Typo3 and they have very high standards and coding and development guidelines.

DRC Systems would surely be candid to accept the fact that we have still a long way to go in Typo3. Although we had the privilege to work with those people who have made Typo3 Systems, but still there is no end to the challenges and it’s a constant learning curve. On the basis of our experience and trained skill sets, we even now have developers who have been hired dedicatedly for the European clients.

With the help of Typo3, DRC Systems has developed various web applications that are ideally suited to meet the requirements of enterprise. Click here to know about the list of Typo3 extensions that we have either developed or worked so far.

Our Typo3 Service Offering:

  • Typo3 Extension
  • New extension development
  • Modify existing extensions
  • Typo3 Template and Typo3 design
  • Custom web design
  • TemplaVoila
  • Typo3 Customisation
  • Migration to Typo3 CMS
  • Hire Dedicated Typo3 Developer

Advantages of Typo3 at DRC Systems:

  • Good Team of experienced Typo3 developers who like to work on Typo3 extensions Honest estimates
  • Cost effective solutions since there is no license fees
  • Excellent communication from our team
  • Guaranteed technical support any time.

There are three different Business Models that we essentially work with Typo3 Development.

Fixed Price based projects
Hourly Price based projects
Monthly Dedicated Resource

Typo3 Extension Development | Typo3 CMS

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