TYPO3 Extension Development

TYPO3 can be extended endlessly without losing backward compatibility. The extension API provides a powerful framework for easy addition, removal, installation, and development of extensions to TYPO3. The entire procedure is powered by TYPO3 Extension Manager, and you can share extensions online to TYPO3 Extension Repository found at TYPO3.org.

The technology has emerged as a powerful option to other branded CMS tools. The system gained great popularity because of its high scalability. Avail services from DRC Technology as we house a pool of experienced developers who are veterans in TYPO3 Extension Development. You can not only develop extensions from scratch, but also upgrade or modify existing extensions. Extensions are the cornerstone of TYPO3 CMS and an essential part of every TYPO3 installation. The fastest and most efficient method for developing extensions is by utilising the Extbase framework and Fluid templating engine.

The Power of TYPO3

There are more than 3000 built-in open source TYPO3 extension available such as

News System
Real URL
Address List
User Registration
Static Info Tables
Extension Builder
Dynamic Content Elements (DCE)
Grid Elements
Shop System
Google Services
Image Lightbox

Advantages of Extbase Extension

Advantages of Extbase
  • Extension will be develop for future proof TYPO3 version
  • Clean and structured code written
  • Flexible coding structure
  • Security
  • Better and Longtime maintenance for TYPO3 Extension
  • Fully object oriented with Domain Driven Design and Model View Controller (MVC) has been used
  • Templating much easy through Fluid Template Engine.
  • Code extendibility

Our Own TYPO3 Extensions

What makes TYPO3 Extension Development special at DRC Systems is our own extensions that are customized for better performance. The content management system tailored to suit your objectives can bring marvelous results.

Blog TYPO3 extension:

All standard blog features are included such as chronological publication of your posts (news), archive, calendar, different categories and commenting system for visitors and exporting posts as RSS feed.

Google Custom Search TYPO3 extension:

One of the most exciting things happening with Google APIs is a clever use of Custom Search engines (CSEs), blended results, and innovative uses of UI components, resulting in rich user experiences. This extension searches the result from the Google and displays the result on the same site.

Visited Page Tracking TYPO3 extension:

It tracks last five visited pages. Using this extension, a user can directly jump on frequently visited pages.

Country Tracking TYPO3 extension:

This extension tracks user’s country visiting the webpages.

Currency Exchange Rate TYPO3 extension:

This extension calculates the latest exchange rate according to the base currency configured by the administrator

News TYPO3 extension:

This extension is for adding, editing and publishing news. News can be displayed as frontend teaser, article list, or single news view. News articles have date, teaser and rich text, news location, news image, optional picture, optional picture’s text, download file and author information such as author name, author phone, email Id etc. It supports several languages.

TYPO3 data synchronization extension:

This extension is for TYPO3 Master (Live) server and Local (test) server system synchronization. Using this extension, you can synchronize two TYPO3 systems. We have used nuSoap web service for synchronization process. This is a backend extension.

Having served to hundreds of clients, we master in content management systems. The best user experience is a key to a roaring success of any eCommerce website. TYPO3 extension development at DRC Systems assures you that your content is not only managed professionally, but it also benefits in getting the users the best experience.

We Provides Below Extension Services

Extension Services
  • New TYPO3 Extension Development with Extbase framework and Fluid templating engine
  • Extend or customize TYPO3 Extension
  • Custom TYPO3 Extension Development
  • Frontend Plugins
  • TYPO3 Extension Installation & Configuration
  • Upgrade TYPO3 Extension
  • Backend Modules
  • TYPO3 Extension Maintenance
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