Why you should choose Open edXⓇ platform?

Open edXⓇ

The evolution of edXⓇ online courses gives us an insight about the dire need of such a platform. It was established in May 2012 by MIT and Harvard. After just one year, it was able to partner with Stanford, Google, Xuetang, and alike. Today, after its short life span of 8 years, it has been able to engage 4-5 million users on its education portal.

There are many reasons for it’s massive success. It is convenient, easy to manage, and freely available. To reap its maximum benefits, all you need is someone to guide you through the process. For you to let go of such a grand and free platform for web-based training is going to be a deal in total loss.

Benefits of online employee training with Open edXⓇ platform

Cost effective

When you provide the company training online, you save the cost of employee’s travelling, costs of venue, and costs that would otherwise be spent on material and maintenance of that venue.

Time efficient

In conventional training, your employee would have to attend the classes on a designated time. It is fairly wrong to assume that everyone has to be comfortable with those timings. E-learning solves this biggest issue as there is so much flexibility in terms of timing.

Easily accessible

With almost everything being available at our fingertips, why do training and education has to follow the old-school methods? With Open edXⓇ platform, employers can make sure that all the course material is readily accessible and downloadable to the assigned employees.

Active community

Imagine a situation when one of the employees have some doubt from the content of last lecture. In conventional training system, this doubt would have to wait at least a day to be raised. In such scenarios, having an active online community comes handy.

Trackable progress

You can conduct various tests and quizzes using Open edXⓇ platform. And you can also keep a check on the time employees spend on the portal. These insights help employers keep a better notice on where employees get stuck and which employee is excelling in which area.

Services offered by DRC Systems

Open edXⓇ Consulting

Our highly skilled team of developers relies on the intricacies of software engineering and systems integration expertise to offer consulting and custom development services. We make sure that the client can avail ‘out of the box’ features of the Open edXⓇ technology while working with us.

We begin with a single purpose of keeping you on the right track and ensure it all along the way. Expert consultancy from the budding stage will make sure that your course is as per the industry standards and will reduce significant amount of time and energy to be invested later on.

Open edXⓇ Customization

Whether you are an individual instructor, an organization or an institution, as a pioneer in Open edXⓇ development, our sole purpose is to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction. Our experienced team creates the custom learning environment in line with the unique needs of the institution.

Our wide array of Open edXⓇ toolset can be customized to meet the growing and diverse needs of each client. The Open edXⓇ technology imbibed by us makes the entire operation highly scalable.

Open edXⓇ Development Service

DRC Systems ensures the standard implementation of the Open edXⓇ technology for creating the MOOC courses. Our planning and implementation phase is highly agile, that allows inculcating the change when and where required.

Our veteran team of engineers and expertise works in collaboration with our clients to develop the avant-garde MOOC Course that is noteworthy. Transparency, simplicity, agility and fortification, form the base of our planning and implementation phase.

Open edXⓇ Support Service

Our Open edXⓇ support platform is at your service all round the clock, to offer you that extra bit of help whenever and wherever needed. You can avail to our wide array of support packages that best suit your needs.

What is Open edXⓇ- Technical jargon

  • Easy and direct access to expert technical staff

  • Manifold service levels and support options to cater to your needs

  • 24/ 7 support availability

  • Guaranteed response

  • Support for all kinds of basic troubleshooting, configuration or usage etc.

  • Commitment to service

Open edXⓇ

DRC support platform holds the following characteristics:

Open edXⓇ platform is the open-source software which is licensed under the AGPL license and the code of the platform is located at https://github.com/edx/. There are handfuls of technical jargon and entities related to Open edXⓇ platform, which if known by you, would help us serve you better in creation of MOOC courses.







Open edXⓇ platform components

Being a pioneer platform for e-learning, components of Open edXⓇ platform serve different purposes.
It is advisable for its users to understand the basic architecture and how these components abide together.

Open edXⓇ platform includes multiple components all based on the driving principle of being scalable.
The following are some of the important components to get started with the Open edXⓇ platform:

Open edXⓇ
  • LMS

  • CMS

  • Discussion forum

  • X-blocks

  • XQueue Service

  • XServer

  • edXⓇ ORA2

  • Discern

  • EASE

  • Edinsights

  • Notifier


We understand the importance of evolving ways in technology. Our team of experts in TYPO3 has a passion for their work. And, this passion has converted into years and years of experience. Be it Open edXⓇ development service, or platform customization, or migrating your course to Open edXⓇ platform, we assure you our unparalleled attention.


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We believe that our work does not end at the deliverance of the product. We are determined to stick with you whenever you face any hurdles. We truly believe in making our customers satisfied and keeping up with that satisfaction.

If you need someone to rely on, for your online training, we are there for you. We believe that a business administrator need not worry about everything, especially about the management of their IT front. That is where our presence becomes significant in your business development process. And, we assure you our significant presence will turn into massive success for you.