What is MOOC?


Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) are a pristine and customary trend in the distance learning promoted by several prestigious universities. It’s a move towards democratizing the education system by enabling millions of people to have an easy access to higher education courses.


The evolution and the drastic increment in number of MOOC courses over the digital world are as follows:

Distance learning

Leveraged by several prestigious universities Transfer of information via mails and couriers

(OOC) open online courses

Advent of e-learning
Courses offered with the use of web technologies

Massive open online courses

George Siemens and Stephen Downes propelled this term in 2008 Online education made available to the masses


MOOC courses have reached millions of people around the globe. According to the survey, there are more than 400 universities which are offering more than 2500 courses in 13 different languages across the globe. The foundation of MOOC holds sway on which are following three pillars Massiveness, Connectivism and Openness.

Challenges and solutions

MOOC in general comes with some quantifiable challenges such as:


  • No time frame or physical barriers
  • Access to global resources

Development Phase

  • Developing the unrivaled solution in line with the client’s need
  • Integrate the solution with the existing structure of the client’s organization

Support Phase

  • Effectiveness and the smooth transition of the deliverables
  • Continuous fortification and upgradation

Challenges and solutions

MOOC in general comes with some quantifiable challenges such as:

However, DRC systems refrains you from worrying about these challenges. Its uses of pristine and open edX technology blended with technical expertise offers you the rostrum to build the avant -garde MOOC course that would set the future of the education industry.

DRC Systems Globally Available
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