11 Hottest Reasons To Use WordPress In 2022

31 Mar, 2022

Globally, businesses are moving digital. In the last two years, there has been an incremental surge in the number of companies opting for online services and digitising transactions. With these recent and irreversible trends, every business and service provider must adopt and build their digital asset by having an online presence. The most fundamental thing in your digital asset is to own a website. While planning your website, you should know about WordPress.

So, what is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system and a platform for building websites. About 42 percent of the total website are on WordPress. The latest version WordPress 5.9 was launched in January 2022. Twenty Twenty Two is the new theme introduced in this version, it is a block-based theme. In addition, performance enhancement updates are keeping in mind the end-user experience. Let us discover the other amazing features and reasons for you to get your website developed on WordPress.

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1. Reliability

Everyone uses WordPress. Word press has the largest market share in the platform that builds a website and also as a content management system. One can gauge the popularity, with the number of major brands like Facebook TechCrunch, TED, CNN, Time Magazine, Microsoft News, Mashable, Vogue, using WordPress. WordPress is an open source and free to use platform. It comes with a wide range of easy-to-use tools. The number of users has been consistently growing in all these years.

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2. SEO Optimization

Google loves WordPress. Building your digital assets (website) is incomplete until it is optimized for the search engines on the internet. A highly optimized website, attracts more views, more business for you. According to WordPress, websites built on WordPress had 34% more page views than other websites which are not on WordPress. WordPress follows the best SEO practices. The Yoast SEO plugin is free. It helps you with keywords, meta descriptions, and so much more. There are tool guides that would guide you step by step, even if you aren’t aware of SEO optimization.

3. Speed

A slow website is a dead website. According to Google, the web page should be uploaded within 2 seconds. WordPress takes charge of the loading time, by using efficient speed optimizing tools like Gzip compression advanced caching minifying CSS and js files. The loading time also affects the site ranking and is one of the crucial components of user experience. Right web hosting is essential for your website speed enhancement.

4. Security

One of the major concerns on the internet is safety and security. Cyberattacks and cyber theft have exponentially increased, and it will stay. According to Accenture’s cost of cybercrime study ( Cost of Cybercrime Study | 9th Annual | Accenture ), 43% of cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses, but only 14% are prepared to defend themselves.

The cyberattack includes virus attacks, data-stealing, malware. Every week Google blocks thousands of websites due to malware. WordPress enables you to secure your website with a number of features like SSL protocol and safe plug-ins like two-factor authentication. There are backup plug-ins available to ensure data security.

5. Integration to build ecommerce business

WordPress allows third-party tools and software to be incorporated into the website. website. It aids seamless integration to build your digital assets and spread across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc for efficient visibility of your business. One needs to integrate with woocommerce to convert your website into an online store/ ecommerce. It is that easy and efficient.

Social media integration with your website is of utmost importance for your business’s success in the changing world. Social media gives access to a larger audience and better engagement, which can bring traffic of prospective business to your ecommerce website. Publishing content across various platforms becomes easy through integration with WordPress with a social media plugin.

6. Community Support

WordPress users can find a large number of support groups, forums, and tutorial videos online. The community support is tremendous. There are numerous blogs on how-to-use and learn-to-use WordPress. One can find solutions and also share the same with the worldwide community. The community support through the official WordPress support team is also available round the clock.

7. Responsive Design

The website is accessed on various devices. The device can range from a laptop, mobile, tablets, pads with different screen sizes and interfaces. WordPress has tools that make the website responsive and compatible with all devices. The layout and content have to be optimized. There are responsive themes available that automatically adjust according to the screen size.

8. Versatile

With WordPress, one can develop different types of websites. It can be a blog, business website, e-commerce site, marketplace website. The tools and themes available provide the flexibility to develop different types of websites. WordPress also dominates in the e-commerce website segment. One can start with a portfolio website and can, later on, convert it into an online store as the need arises.

9. Scalable

Even after you have the website up and running on the internet, you can always have a scope of expansion. A basic informative website can be turned into an online store / ecommerce website with a few simple steps. The increase in website traffic, as well as users, can be managed through simple changes in WordPress. Thus, WordPress can manage your scalable businesses in future.

10. Customization

No coding expertise required. It is an era of customization, everyone demands custom-made solutions for them. The solutions are unique to their business and requirements. Our WordPress developer can customize the website exclusively as per the specifications and requirements. The background, theme, font, layout everything can be customized and for this you need no coding expertise. Here you can read more about WordPress customization.

11. Content Management system

The next thing which you need, after your website is ready is content management. WordPress makes it easy and simple to add content to the website. There are multiple tools for content management like Google analytics, Yoast. The website content contains multimedia files like text, pictures, video as well as animation. WordPress makes the addition of content effortless with just one click. WordPress also has an in-built content editor, that makes error-free content creation quick and easy. The editor is WYSIWYG What You See is What You Get, which means content looks exactly like on the website as it appears in the editor.


WordPress offers you the best opportunity to build your digital asset. WordPress can handle almost every type of website. The built-in features and the WordPress plugins are game-changers. The maintenance and setup cost is inexpensive. The updates and edits are hassle-free giving scope of extension with ease. You can rely on WordPress and DRC SYSTEMS to build any kind of website you wish for.

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