Social Responsibilities

Spreading Smiles To Miles

DRC Systems recognizes its commitment to the society in which it functions and believes that social responsibility is mandatory to maintain a balance between the economy and various ecosystems. Through our CSR initiatives, DRC Systems encourages environment-friendly ideas for society, customers, employees, and various other stakeholders. We thrive not just to earn profits but also to take responsibility and accountability for our business decisions on the environment and society. Our CSR initiatives are in line with our corporate values and guide our company in philanthropic pursuits; we support initiatives in areas such as education, health, and social welfare, which lead to the sustainable long-term development of communities. We proactively work for society since we believe that corporate success and social welfare are interdependent; our mission is to facilitate employee-driven social initiatives that not only make a positive contribution to society but also drive innovation.

Our CSR Initiatives

Ethical Practices
  • We use special techniques for efficient water management
  • We discourage printing of paper, unless essential
  • We promote the use of renewable sources of energy
Community Initiatives
  • We support the education of children from lower social strata
  • We take part in blood donation camps
  • We make monetary donations to NGOs
Digital Transformation
Our Corporate Practices
  • We offer sustainable working environment
  • We are an equal opportunity employer
  • We promote gender diversity & offer equal opportunities at work

Our Engagement With The Society


This organization was formed with a mission to change the lives of children, specially-abled kids and adults, and women and the underprivileged classes of society. Hence we came up with a mission of giving the deprived community a better society with all means that can change their lives. As a result, Chinmay was born. Our objectives as a socially responsible company have driven us to lend support to this project and improve the situation for the specially-abled people in society.


Since the year 1961, the sex ratio of girls per 1000 boys has reached its all-time low record. Today, there are approximately 914 girls per thousand boys in India. This obviously is a matter to think about. We, as a responsible organization, support the safety of girls and have been participating in such programs such as the Bindi project for raising our voice against the crimes against women. We are passionate about the project and we encourage the safety of the ‘girl-child’.


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