Carving Your Business Ideas Into Reality

DRC Systems delivers business solutions of the future by blending stellar experience and state-of-the-art technology. WE transform and streamline the business activities of several enterprises and deliver smart solutions that save time and improve the workflow.


Bridging The Gap Between Education & Students’ Needs

DRC Systems has been transforming how education helps the students get the required skills and make them industry-ready. Our pool of experienced developers are changing the way students enrich their skills by leveraging the latest technologies to design futuristic applications and platforms.

From kindergarten to employment and building up new skills, we have been helping students get industry-related knowledge online through customized applications. With DRC Systems Education solutions and customized services, every student gets personalized learning.

From the general lessons to MOOC platforms and CA aspirants, we have an app that caters to this industry. Our solutions are highly customized and are built in a hybrid environment to support both the leading mobile operating systems, i.e., Android and iOS. We have helped more than 200,000 students from across the globe get industry-ready.


Revolutionizing The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare companies thrive to provide the best possible services. But the challenges these companies face in terms of improving the quality of care, managing the operations, and securing the health records at the same time are unavoidable.

In our mission to give quality health care while securing and managing patient health records, DRC Systems has been developing medical applications as per requirements. With years of experience in the healthcare industry, as a custom healthcare software development organization, we have designed and developed several applications that increase operational efficiency.

Our mobile healthcare software developers and medical coders develop customized software that offers multiple features for managing the patients’ records and implementing data security. Our main aim is to be able to lend a hand in the field of healthcare thus developing applications that track and provide the required assistance.

Financial Services

Changing The Face Of Money management

We provide customized financial services and solutions according to your business requirements. Our solutions are innovative and unique to all financial institutions. We cater to a large number of small and large-sized organizations including fintech companies, banks, insurance, and many others. We take care of regulatory requirements, security, data management, and connectivity.

Our customized financial services automate business activities and smoothen the workflows, provide scalable solutions and platforms to run the businesses effectively. We have assisted clients from the insurance and mutual funds sector. The Tarakki application built by our team transformed the way users invest in mutual funds.

Tarakki is a comprehensive solution to wealth management that enables the users to strategically invest their money in a variety of assets. We have taken mutual fund investment to a new level with this application. We have also taken care of portfolio management, financial planning, and equity advisory. It is a complete solution to steady wealth management.

Shipping, Transportation, & Logistics

Moving Your Goods Through Information

Logistics is used to plan, coordinate, and manage the movement of your goods. Transportation management is the science of logistics that automates complex transportation activities and increases operational efficiency. It helps with vehicle monitoring processes and receives real-time updates. Logistics management also contributes to the overall transportation cycle that includes freight management, asset management, real-time tracking, and much more.

Traluma is a client service provider in the transportation sector and we helped it manage the workflow. Logistics, transportation, and shipping require a strong logistics management system that can manage the controlled movement of assets and also offer real-time asset tracking.

Our customized solutions help you find a cost-effective transportation service near you. As transportation services are an integral part of the logistics domain, we help our clients find a cost-effective service provider with our customized solutions. We cater to different types of requirements to smoothen the business workflow of transportation.

Public Sector

Streamlining The Government Activities

Due to the constantly changing nature of businesses, government agencies are implementing digital transformation assistance across the globe. To address these changing needs, we are delivering custom solutions to streamline the hectic workflow of government activities. We have helped the officials migrate their content from the traditional paper database to a completely dynamic digital database. We have helped our clients go from old ways of data management to new ways of online data storage.

We have also helped the government bodies maintain their database by providing them with a dynamic ERP portal for business services. The regulations and formalities to start a company in different countries are different. We helped them have a dynamic ERP and electronic forms.

Working with the government, we have also developed an application that delivers technically approved but interactive learning content. RISE was designed to educate the vaccinations in India and provided an interesting approach to learn and update the skills required to be a healthcare professional.


Redefining The Ultimate Shopping Experience

Amrifashion is an online marketplace in the UAE. This shopping portal offers an exciting range of dresses and garments for women. We have helped our client and our development and tech teams maintain this website.

Axiom is another shopper’s stop where the customers can buy electronics, gadgets, and the latest smartphones. When it comes to client servicing, DRC Systems leaves no stone unturned. This website offers user-friendly navigation, helpful features, regularly updated catalogs, and whatnot!

Annabelle is another shopping portal for women and kids. It is a direct-to-retail (DTR) license agreement with some of the widely popular brands like Walt Disney, Hello Kitty, Real Madrid, and Barcelona Football Clubs. We have helped this client get its hands on a huge number of customers. We also provide Point Of Sale software services to smoothen the customer journey. We have been delivering POS solutions for retail shops, departmental stores, online shopping stores, and supermarkets.


Governing Your Production Line To Smoothen The Workflow

Manufacturing is a huge part of the development cycle and we help our clients get the maximum out of this sector. DRC Systems has been helping several clients with the management of their production operations to reduce waste and yield more profit. We help you gain new visibility with tons of new opportunities and lesser risks. Uncover the hidden business insights, renovate your existing operations, and deliver eminent customer service to your customers.

Our customized services and solutions help you predict disruptions in the manufacturing equipment and improve your business flow. Gaining an upper hand in the production processes will enable you to prescribe remedies and have a contingency plan to optimize productivity.

Blending IoT and Artificial Intelligence, our customized services ensure a safe environment in the sector. With our solutions, you can predict hazards in advance with smart solutions for your wearables with environmental sensors. Our solutions improve workers’ safety.

Travel & Hospitality

Defining The Ultimate Travel Experience

Modernize your travel business with a scalable and dependable network to enhance operations. Experience the difference in the travel and hospitality sector. Give your customers a new experience and change the way end-users interact with the industry. Whether you want to book a cab, flight, or a hotel room, or a bus, with our customized accommodation services, you can offer your customers a flawless real-time booking experience.

We have also been maintaining the ticketing software of some of Asia’s biggest theme parks. Our ticketing software streamlines business activities, smoothens ticketing operations, and streamlines the workflow of our clients.

Ever dreamt of a VIP welcome at Mumbai airport? Now with our customized services, you can book our meet and greet services anytime. This is a suite of welcome services where the staff welcomes you with flowers and takes care of your luggage and escorts you to your cab.

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