University Management System

University Management System

University Management System, an ERP solution was developed as a complete digital solution for the university. The system helps in automating and managing several operations of the university. We created a digitized and centralized system that manages all the university operations effectively. The purpose of the university management system is to optimize and automate the overall functioning of the university.

The UMS helps in maintaining 10000 active students and is also easy to scale.
The system is equipped with automated backups, data recovery, and automated disaster recovery. It also supports offsite backups. It allows for seamless integration with any in-house developed software by the university or student groups. The UMS is incorporated with data and application security standards. The UMS uses data analytics and graphically represents certain data and reports such as students’ performance, work division, and performance reviews of teachers.

Student Parent Module

The complete attendance record is maintained and managed through this system.
Learning Materials and assignments are available online.
Parents and students can keep a check on performance reports, results, and university notices.
The system provides a mechanism to register students and admissions.
The UMS gives access to the timetable, annual calendar, and feedback online.

Faculty Module

It has the functionality to create and manage feedback reports and student attendance.
The faculty can monitor the work done reports and assignments of the students.
Maintaining the laboratory resources and library resources is also digitized through this system.
The teaching schedules and teaching material everything can be managed on this system.
There is a notification system inbuilt, via sms, e-mail, and WhatsApp.

University Module

The functionality to issue certificates and results is also managed through this system.
The payments and student onboarding process is all taken care of by this system.
Universities can track student performance and staff performance through this system.
The module also has features for evaluating university performance and managing university resources.