Corporate Governance

How We Govern the Business Activities & Manage The Workforce

As technology becomes omnipresent, trust becomes extremely important. The constantly evolving market is giving rise to tons of opportunities and we at DRC Systems, take pride in helping our clients with the ultimate business solutions mobile services, and platform development services. With our talent pool, we are taking the tech market by storm. Our customized business solutions and services are transforming the way businesses interact with each other. From eCommerce to eLearning solutions and portal development services, DRC Systems has been helping several businesses in the B2B space.

Businesses, today use dominant mobile platforms as important verticals to simplify their business operations. These have become important business pillars and we are proud of our mobile development team that does justice to every project that we bag. Being an IT organization, we stay updated with the latest changes in technologies and use a plethora of tools to design futuristic mobile applications that simplify business operations.

We are disrupting the market by simplifying the business activities of several businesses across the globe. This disruption is undoubtedly creating a scenario of trust with the customers, business owners, stakeholders, and drives massive business performance. As a result, it unlocks new sources of growth.

Elevating Our People Through Our Culture

Multicultural Environment Is Our Strength

Cultural differences are a great source of innovation at DRC Systems. Different opinions open new paths that lead to accomplishing common goals. Understanding how to work in a multicultural environment is organic in how we conduct business activities at DRC Systems. It is a huge part of our core values. We live by ‘UNITY IN CULTURAL DIVERSITY’. We strongly believe that multinational companies like ours benefit from bringing together people from different cultures with varied work experience who have different perspectives. Working in a multi-cultural environment helps us address business challenges with a strategic move.

Elevating Our People

AT DRC Systems, the development and fulfillment of our people form the heart of everything we do. To achieve this, we are establishing an environment that resonates with our core values. We connect with exceptional people with exceptional opportunities to frame a better future by:
Building the next-level skills and regular learning culture. We believe in giving our talent pool the best opportunities to polish their skills and develop new ones.

  • Giving them the best work environment to increase the retention rate.
  • We accelerate equality for all and this is where people feel at home for we are a big family.
  • We are building responsible leaders at all levels that inspire trust, lead their teams, and come up with innovative strategies.
Blending Our Core Values In Our Ethics

Ethical Business With Integrity

We strongly believe that an ethical culture is what transforms the entire organization. It keeps up in a competitive marketplace. Due to the ethical approach we follow, our clients involve with us. It is because of the firm highest ethical standards that we bag the most sensitive projects. Ethics defines the core of the organization and the future of business and forms a very important pillar that builds trust. Our commitment to ethics and strong corporate governance is the key to our business strategy. These values are important for internal growth, market differentiation, financial performance, branding, and client management. This trust is evident in our relationships with our clients.

A Step In The Future

We blend our ethical standards in our work culture and as a result of this behavior, we are committed to serving our clients with a sustainable future. As the world navigates through the COVID-19 pandemic, it highlights the inter-dependencies of businesses across the globe. We are bringing drastic changes in the global market by leveraging the latest technologies to simplify business activities. We will continue to assist our clients to become more virtual and resilient in times of crisis like this. Our step in the future speaks of delivering meaningful collaborative advancements across the following areas:

Disruptive Technological Innovations

Ours is a People Company and will continue our journey in designing futuristic applications by:

  • Helping talents find their career paths in the tech market.
  • Investing in our talent pool that leverages the latest technologies to bring out innovative changes in different industries. We aim to address different types of complex IT challenges.
  • Continuously evolving the digital practices to ensure we are helping in nurturing responsible business leadership.
  • Pandemic has given rise to a new remote mobile market and we are delivering sustainable mobile business solutions to several clients thereby disrupting the mobile market. eLearning and eCommerce have emerged as the new verticals of most businesses.
  • Our teams house the best talent across the nation and we are emerging as the business leaders in the IT market. We are on a mission to successfully dominate the mobile market by delivering the best mobile solutions.