Changes to Expect in Corporate Training Post Covid-19

April 23, 2021

The term corporate training gives you an idea of what it refers to. It is all about development programs and training that organizations provide to their employees to improve their skill set for the smooth functioning of business processes. Corporate training has become a very important parameter that is improving the performance of employees, customers and learners. Organizations and managers are increasing attention in upskilling the employees’ productivity.

Corporate training comprises videos, certified courses and other learning opportunities that allow your workforce to quickly learn and implement the required skills.

It is important for organizations to offer the employees the right corporate training for sustainability as it directly affects the organization’s growth. With new trends coming every year, corporate training has become very important for any organization. The learning and development space has seen several opportunities and improvements in the industry. In the wake of a pandemic, the L&D industry is expecting drastic changes. This has brought new challenges for both training professionals and learners.

So what could be the changes in the corporate learning environment in a post-pandemic world? What changes should we expect? Are we ready to embrace those changes? Let’s find out a few changes.

How Will Corporate Training Change Post COVID-19?

Several organizations and enterprises are facing several changes in their L&D verticals. Corporate training will change how learning is introduced and induced in the corporate space. Here are the top 5 changes we could see in future.

Accelerated Learning

As businesses and enterprises change their strategies to introduce new features, there is a clear paradigm shift from structured to a more agile form of operational learning. Operational learning is now focused more on how work happens and this is changing what is required in the challenging times. The pandemic has forced several changes in many industries and organizations are discovering new ways to embrace these changes that are delivered at the speed of business.

Digital Transformation

Before the pandemic, there was a lot of operational knowledge that was found in the books and journals. All the content abruptly went invalid as it did not go in synchronization with digital transformation. Many organizations and businesses are now taking the first step towards eLearning and virtual instructor-led training. This flow has changed how information was shared and communicated. Now with the online training, anyone can attend the lecture from anywhere. Digital transformation is becoming the new norm.


Mobile compatible learning was primarily offered only to online learners through distance education. But this particular trend is finding its way across the market rapidly. Mobile compatibility is helping businesses and organizations strategize better content that is mobile friendly and interactive.

Organizations that have not worked towards offering mobile compatible learning, are facing challenges. Developers can expect to develop more of native mobile learning experiences that include superb mobile-friendly navigation elements such as pinch-to-zoom, swiping and scrolling.

Rapid eLearning

Operational learning is always focused on ways to operate the business smoothly. Such type of content has short life span and this makes rapid eLearning the best strategy for the current corporate space. Rapid eLearning tools are getting better every day with modern utilities and collaborative authority. Rather than preparing complex eLearning material and courses, businesses prefer to keep simple and low cost courses that are interactive for the mobile audiences. Rapid eLearning promises to deliver instructional design without compromising on any elements.

Adoption Of Microlearning

In a post-pandemic world, the learners and customers will start taking charge of the learning experiences at their convenience. Modern learners prefer to have bite-sized learning so they can quickly implement the knowledge. The new and modern learners are more open to digest short pieces of information that are delivered in the form of microlearning nuggets. This is going to improve the efficiency of corporate training.

Wrapping Up

Pandemic is changing businesses and there is an evolution in corporate learning and businesses are vying to keep up with the demands of the business. Just a few months ago, digital transformation was highly anticipated but the pandemic has made it an urgent business requirement. This is transforming the situation in the corporate world and learning is introducing new changes in the market. As a result, the L&D teams of several organizations are coming up with new strategies to transform the business requirements.

Are we really prepared to embrace the changes in the corporate training world? Are the enterprises and businesses prepared to roll out the corporate training that would improve the performance of your learners and customers? Changes in corporate training have transformed learning. Virtual instructor-led sessions and webinars are the future of corporate training.


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