How Can The B2B Edition Help Merchants Enhance Sales Operations?

13 Jul, 2021

B2B Edition is the new suite of services under the BigCommerce umbrella. BigCommerce combines the flexibility of the powerful eCommerce functionality and connects to sensitive systems wherever needed. That’s not all. The bundle comes with six pre-installed B2B optimized themes to help businesses. This streamlines development with open API integration. Apart from that, the merchants with multiple stores can also combine them into one single contract. This suite helps merchants facilitate online operations. It also offers the customers seamless transactions and convenient self-service capabilities.

BigCommerce Enterprises offers a host of B2B integration with powerful sales features with the POS and ERP platforms. The B2B Edition expands these functionalities and streamlines smoother onboarding, contract, and support services. B2B companies and enterprises with complex operations can easily add new channels to create B2C-level experiences. On top of that, companies can now run operations for B2B and B2C audiences on a single platform.

Here at DRC Systems, we leverage BigCommerce and help our clients offer the best experience to their customers. That’s all about the B2B edition. Let’s check out the features of this powerful bundle that make it one-of-a-kind.

Features of B2B Edition

  • Price quote management lets sales representatives create custom price quotes and discounts.
  • Merchants can manage multiple customer purchasing permissions and roles. This offers the customer the pricing data and other important information they need to access.
  • Client address booking manager gives you the flexibility to manage client information all by yourself. Create new contacts, manage and delete them at any time. Use the advanced features to manage your clients.
  • With this B2B Edition, customers can use two credit cards or a credit and debit card mix. Multiple payment methods allow the customers to enjoy flexible and mixed payment options.
  • Customers can repurchase the items again and again whenever they want.
  • Using the quick-order template, the customers can easily order products in bulk and helps to reduce the amount of time spent on ordering individual products.


  • Merchants can empower their sales teams. Speed up your deals and create discounts, custom quotes.
  • Attract new shoppers and improve the lives of your loyal customers. Advanced payment options, buy-again capabilities, and shared shopping lists offer your customers the flexibility and ultimate shopping experience.
  • Customize the shopping experience on a mobile-friendly site. Define customized price lists and account hierarchies to show each customer exactly what they need to see.
  • You can effectively streamline your business processes online, improve the efficiency of your sales teams, and delight your customers.
  • With B2B optimized themes and other pre-installed B2B features, you can spend more time growing your business effectively.
  • Invoice Portal allows the customers to view, track and pay for their B2B services online. This portal allows the customers to see the details of each invoice such as shipping charges and online payments. Apart from this, they can also make payments directly from the portal with flexible options such as payment in full, partial invoice payment, and multiple invoice payments.

Key Points Of B2B Edition

Grab your customers’ attention & sell faster

With B2B optimized themes and robust pre-installed powerful features, offer your customers out-of-the-world shopping experiences. Don’t waste time on setting up your store. Sell faster and grow your business.

Single eCommerce platform for both B2B and B2C marketplace

With this B2B Edition, you can offer the ultimate unified experience to both wholesale and retail customers. Customer acquisition from a single eCommerce platform.

Integrate the B2B Bundle with your existing systems

Integrate the B2B Bundle with your existing platforms including PIM, ERP, and CRM through APIs.

Offers a simplified shopping path

B2B Edition offers advanced shopping lists, advanced buy-again, and mixed payment options. Customers feel happy when they experience flexibility and freedom of choice when it comes to shopping.

Customize the way you want

With the powerful B2B themes and BigCommerce platform, you have everything to start selling. Customize your website, acquire more customers, and hit those sales.

Sales teams love BigCommerce

Create custom quotes and special discounts, log in, shop, and purchase on behalf of the customers. This B2B bundle is every salesperson’s dream.


This business bundle takes care of all the security updates, security changes, and hosting as well. You and your eCommerce store are secure.

Target specific audience groups

Narrow down your customer acquisition and target specific audience groups with customized price lists and groups. Offer customized pricing options down to stock-keeping unit levels, create promotions and bulk-buying discounts.

Easiest corporate account management

Your customers can set up different tiers and accounts with specific roles and permissions based on their authority level.

Restricted log in

Make sure that the segmented groups have merchants before they can access the content and view the catalogs. Restricted log-in is the best decision to ensure that your customers have everything before they access your eCommerce store.

Dedicated Invoice Portal

A dedicated invoice portal allows the customers to manage and pay invoices using multiple payment options like an automated clearinghouse (ACH), payment order, or credit card.


BigCommerce is a powerful B2B platform that is highly optimized. With the launch of the B2B Edition, BigCommerce bags a big name in the eCommerce industry.

As a BigCommerce Certified Partner, we at DRC Systems can help you plan your digital journey with BigCommerce and implement customized solutions for your B2B business requirements. All you need to do is fill in the contact form, and our consultants will contact you. Contact us today!

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