ODOO Consulting For Assertive Business Management

April 8, 2021

Every enterprise at some time looks for external consulting services and project management. Consulting services play an important role in reducing the workload of the organization. These consultants are professional experts who steer the company out of challenges and issues. They are the subject matter experts who study the market in detail and devise a path for the company.

Odoo consulting services provide external assistance to several companies and enterprises in their domains. Organizations hire consulting firms temporarily and the external consultants work with the internal consultants to solve the business concerns.

Odoo is an enormous ERP platform and helps you analyze the technical architecture before implementing it in your business.

Odoo consulting services handle the issues and streamline the business activities-including the legal, HR, finance, marketing, sales, CRM, performance, PR, and many more. These services can provide detailed reports on the performance of your business.

There are several reasons to choose Odoo for business management and consultation. Let’s see why your organization needs Odoo apps, ERP, and Odoo implementation.

Odoo Implementation For Business Management?

Odoo is a popular open-source ERP software that offers several business modules that meet your business needs. This is a comprehensive suite of business management applications in a single software. Odoo apps are an all-in-one solution for business management and consultancy services for your organization. In short, managing your business activities right from one place is something that Odoo apps can offer. This system streamlines all business activities and reduces process time. Odoo comes with a set of great benefits. Let’s have a look at the benefits that Odoo apps offer.

One-Stop Business Solution

Odoo is a business software suite that caters to all your business requirements. It includes multiple modules including inventory, sales, HRM, SCM, accounting, manufacturing, and whatnot. Apart from that, there are over 10000 Odoo apps that cater to specific industry and project requirements.

Low Implementation Cost

Odoo implementation has relatively low implementation and minimal recurring costs. The community version has no licensing fees and the Enterprise version comes with a complete set of premium features. These fees are nothing as compared to those of other ERP systems. Odoo implementation is quite feasible for any industry and manages your business effectively.

Highly Customizable

One of the powerful benefits of Odoo is the customization features it offers. Odoo partners can modify the system to cater to different business requirements. An Odoo partner can customize the system for your very specific business requirement that goes beyond the app store. This is valuable for your enterprise, saves tons of development hours and allows your employees to access new features. Odoo offers you complete freedom to fully customize the ERP software for your business so you can effectively manage your projects.

Easy To Integrate

In addition to being customizable, Odoo is API-friendly and developers find it quite easy to use and integrate it with different business modules. If you use QuickBooks or some other software to manage your accounting verticals, Odoo is quite beneficial to your business. Odoo not only reduces the number of changes your company needs to adapt to the new ERP software but also streamlines your core business activities.

Easy To Implement

Odoo has a modular architecture and you can implement it in phases (one module at a time). Modular architecture allows the system to proceed at a manageable speed which is extremely useful if your enterprise is large and the requirements are specific. It allows you to perform the following:

  • Test the efficiency of Odoo consulting
  • Test the functionality of the software
  • Effectively manage your project requirements

Odoo implementation is quite easy as your consultants can do the same in phases with one module at a time.

Scalable Environment

One of the important and powerful benefits of Odoo is scalability. Odoo ERP solutions are scalable and last for long. You can easily see your business’s future in your present software and take the necessary steps to improve specific areas. If you are on a recruiting spree, you can easily add more users to the system. Apart from that, you can always introduce more functions to your business and can easily add more modules. Odoo offers simplified and powerful cloud-hosting options to take your business online.

Plethora Of Options

Unlike the other software products that allow either on-premise hosting or cloud hosting, Odoo supports both the options for your business and improves the flexibility of your workflow. The Community version lacks a few features but is still useful for small enterprises and start-ups. On the other hand, the Enterprise version comes with all the premium options and features that help your business effectively scale the market. The enterprise version is affordable too and offers a plethora of options to better manage your business.

Huge & Powerful Community

One of the biggest benefits of working on an open-source ERP system is the huge and powerful community. The developers and experts are always working to make the product better and effective. There is a huge team that removes the bugs constantly and adds new features. Odoo incorporates these updates and features in the Enterprise version every year. Apart from the features and options that you get, you also have access to an experienced developer community. The community is flexible and grows as per the scope of work.


Security is another benefit of Odoo implementation that safeguards the entire architecture. The subject matter experts find loopholes in the source code and fix them before they are exploited. Odoo is open-source, and the professionals constantly supervise the codebase to remove the bugs and improve the integrity. Developers audit the code and report the security issues continuously.

Intuitive User Interface

An intuitive user interface is one of the important Odoo benefits. The main page of Odoo shows different modules that are connected to different user accounts. After choosing these modules, the user and employees can use the navigation bar at the top. The User Interface is quite user-friendly and gets better with each consecutive Enterprise version update.


Several modules are highly effective when incorporated with Odoo. These modules are integrated with other verticals to deliver an uncompromised efficiency to the organization. Odoo consulting can further ease your work with the module customization to meet your business requirements. Subject matter experts and external consultants can design, develop and incorporate the perfect module for your business.

We at DRC Systems are among the official partners of OpenERP Odoo solutions and consultancy services with more than 10 years of experience in Odoo consulting services. We are an Odoo implementation company and have been assisting several enterprises by delivering customized ERP solutions to streamline their business activities. Apart from that, our talent pool holds a portfolio of an average of 8 years in providing end-to-end Odoo ERP services and consultancy services. If you are still wondering how Odoo consulting can manage your business effectively, Contact Us Right Away!


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