Top 12 Tips To Find & Hire Dedicated Developers

April 12, 2021

Generally, when the business owners and enterprises get an idea about an iOS or Android app, they start working on it. They start with a plan to hire dedicated developers, discuss the idea, allocate the tasks to launch the application in the market. Hiring an offshore mobile app developer is a tedious task as there are several parameters to check. With millions of Flutter and Kotlin experts in the world market, selecting the best app developers is something companies are vying for. Sourcing and hiring app developers who are experts in different industries is quite difficult.

You have the idea. Now What? How to get the best app developers?

Do not get disheartened, there are several ways by which you can hire the best app developers. After getting the right app idea, all you need to have is patience, and the right research to hire dedicated app developers. What to do after you have access to offshore mobile app developers? How do you know if the developer you are going to hire is legit? Where is the developer from? What is the mode of communication and what is the time zone? If you have such questions in mind, then congrats, you are one step away from, hiring the best app developer.

Prepare questions to ask the developers. Learn about their work and get to know the clients they have worked with. The perfect mobile app developer does exist. You should ask the right questions at the right time. Do you have a business? Are you looking for better ways to hire dedicated developers? If you have read till here, then we are about to reveal some powerful tips to get the best out of the best app developers for your business.

Let‘s look at some of the most basic yet important tips before, and after hiring an offshore mobile app developer.

Search For Reliable Mobile App Development Partners

App development is a long-term assignment and some projects and different projects have different durations ranging from several months to years. You must hire dedicated developers for a long-term project. The project life cycle includes a few phases: strategic planning, implementation, development, deployment, and delivery. Delivery does not mark the end of the project. An application requires upgrades with every version release and it is very important to establish warm and healthy relationships with the developers.

Hire Dedicated Developers Who Are Interested In Your Business

Hire dedicated developers who have an interest in your business strategy. Hiring someone just for the sake of coding and development does not just cut it. A developer with a few years of experience who is interested in your business is far better than an experienced app developer who is just a coder and takes the business for granted. A professional developer knows what works better for your application. Such developers have worked with similar companies and can easily guide you according to the current market trends and ideas.

Regular Reporting About The Project

Hiring mobile application developers requires constant and transparent communication that provides valuable insights and updates about your project. Your hired developers should be able to communicate with you through the preferred mode of communication. Dedicated developers who promise to send you regular app updates and reports are the best ones to hire.

App Store Submission

When you hire a developer, make sure to confirm whether app submission to the App store is part of the project. Several developers charge extra to submit whereas, many developers include the app submission charges at the time of estimation in the estimation sheet before starting the project. It is always better to discuss the cost of application development with submission right at the time of beginning the project.

Do Not Let The Prices Cloud Your ROI

As the market is growing constantly, startups and enterprises are vying to get more leads, sales, and businesses. New businesses are willing to pay the developers a fine amount to get the perfectly customized application according to their business requirements. Do not let your competitors get the best app developers while you were busy thinking about the budget. Never let the prices cloud your ROI. You never know when a low-budget application can become much more expensive than the investment you could have done.

In-Depth Research

Browse the web, look for countries where you can find the best web and mobile app developers (India, the UK, Ukraine, North America). You need to surf through your network to have the best app developer. Once you have them in reach, ask for a portfolio to know more about their work. In short, you need to research, shortlist the profiles, and finalize the team. Sometimes businesses regret hiring mobile app developers as the result does not come as expected.

Communicate With Them

Communication helps you to establish a good relationship with the developers. The first thing to keep in mind is the language barrier. Is the developer competent enough to keep up with the communication? What is his first language? Does he have a good command of spoken English? Time zone is the second factor that might be a hindrance. Communicate with the developer to reach a consensus on a common time where you both can have calls, discussions, and reporting with ease. An expert app developer uses a plethora of tools for communication ranging from Skype, Google Meet, and Mattermost.

Check Out The Past Work & Positive Reviews

When you hire app developers, you must explore their website. If you want to hire and work with legit software developers you should check their work online. Not only their work, but you must also check out the clients’ reviews, testimonials, and ratings online. You should know the work of the developers you want to hire. Having said that, do not get satisfied by seeing just a few positive reviews. Check out for bad reviews and lesser ratings. If you do not find any bad reviews, you are looking at the best app developers.

Investigate Your Dedicated Team

Just reading the reviews and ratings about a company’s performance is not enough. You need to see what the resources are and what would be allocated to your project. To dig deep into this, you need to interact with each team member and get the idea of how excited they are to work with you on the project. Moreover, a detailed introduction and transparent communication with your development team establish a healthy relationship.

Discuss Post Development Support & Maintenance

Ensure to discuss post-development activities and maintenance with your mobile app developers. Post-development operations include activities such as support and maintenance, app testing, bug fixes, and other activities. Hiring a skillful app developer offers a perfect application that is not only free from bugs but also improves the integrity and usability of your application. The developers you hire should be competent enough to support and maintain the application for your business.

Privacy Measurements & Confidentiality

Confidentiality and security are the two imperative parameters in the process of hiring the best app developers. No matter how reputed and popular the firm is, you need to make sure that they maintain the confidentiality of your applications. You can achieve this by signing the NDA agreement. This is a document of integrity between you and the developers that they will not leak out any information about the application. Hire dedicated developers who respect the privacy and confidentiality of your application.

Hire For Entire Experience & Not For Coding & Development

Developing a perfect application is not just about the code. The developers you hire create a functional design and also think about how their work and efforts will help in creating an unmatched user experience. You should not hire application developers unless you have an in-house team to perform vital functions like design, usability, and testing. The appearance of the application carries weight and the developers you hire should create an app that attracts the users and delivers a seamless user experience.


Generally, app developers carry several years of experience in developing applications for different industries. Getting the best offshore mobile app developer depends on several factors. We have tried our best to include all the tips to help enterprises like you get the best application developers. We hope you get all the help you need to hire dedicated developers if you go through these tips. Give your projects in responsible hands and start your app development journey with DRC Systems. Hire dedicated developers that not only take care of your projects but also help you with increased ROI.


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