Top 13 AngularJS Development Tools To Use In 2022

January 28, 2022

AngularJS framework has turned out to be a blessing when it comes to developing dynamic web pages, progressive web applications, and more. AngularJS has been assisting developers with an efficient suite of tools to work efficiently within a narrow time frame.

AngularJS is extremely popular because of some strong reasons:

  • It offers smooth development across all the platforms
  • Speed and performance of the application
  • A suite of powerful tools
  • MVC Architecture
  • Code Modularity
  • Simple Page Application (SPA) Implementation

In this blog, we have compiled a list of AngularJS development tools that are popular among Angular developers.

Top 13 AngularJS Development Tools


Webstorm is one of the best AngularJS-integrated development environments. It’s a powerful editor used for coding. On top of that, WebStorm also accompanies a pre-introduced Dart module.

The most interesting element that WebStorm offers developers is the ability to see the code go live without visiting or refreshing the page. It is a powerful live editor and is appropriate for JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Additionally, this tool passes on the module packages before bringing in the Angular content of your projects.


JSfiddle is an online editor that simplifies coding for developers. It also allows the developers to code in different languages including CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Angular on a single screen. It is lightweight and a fast-loading tool that makes it one of the most popular AngularJS editors.


Mocha.js is a component-rich JavaScript test system that runs on Node.js and the browser permits asynchronous testing. This makes it adaptable to mapping and announcing. It is an AngularJS testing framework that runs on the browser and Node.js.

Generator Angular

Generator Angular is a popular development tool that helps to set all the necessary boilerplates ready for the Angular app development. Apart from that, this tool also places all the required defaults on the starting point. It offers a developer-friendly interface and helps the developers to streamline the project setup process.

Rest Angular

Rest Angular is an ideal material where the Angular application consumes large amounts of data from REST API. It’s an app service that streamlines commands like:

  • GET
  • POST

This AngularJS development tool powers such commands with minimal code requirements and enhances the application performance.


As the name suggests, AngularFire is the official 3-way data binding for Firebase. Firebase is a backend service that offers data storage, static website hosting, authentication, and file storage for your Angular applications.

AngularFire is a backend development tool that facilitates dynamic API features and superior development capacity. These features offer real-time data binding and manage the following:

  • Binary data files
  • Images
  • BLOBS (Binary Large Objects)
  • Videos


Djangular enables you to create AngularJS content per application instead of creating a single massive application inside the Django environment. This powerful tool allows you to selectively use applications per site and create a consistent structure across your Django applications.

It is a tool that offers reconciliation with AngularJS integration with better flexibility. Apart from that, this tool also offers content namespacing and a framework of components.

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AngularJS projects feature HTML-5-based video-playing capabilities that translate to an easy-to-implement video player in your design. This development tool caters to an AngularJS environment with videos and other multimedia elements in your application with ease.

Videogular is a popular AngularJS development that happens to be an HTML-5 video player that fulfills all your Angular JS video requirements. This powerful development tool allows your front-end developers to perform these activities:

  • Video support
  • Video processing
  • Deploy other multimedia elements into the AngularJS application

With bindable properties and a robust API, Videogular enables developers to create customized plugins.

AngularJS UI

AngularJS UI is a suite of UI components built in Angular. These components are used as building blocks to develop customized AngularJS applications with minimal code. Speed and faster time-to-market are a few parameters that make AngularJS one of the most popular technologies among developers.

AngularJS UI is a material tool that uses directives and speeds up the application development process. These directives may include:

  • UI-map
  • UI-calendar
  • UI-router

Angular Seed

Angular Seed is a blueprint for your specific AngularJS applications. You can use this tool to bootstrap your application depending on the specific requirements of the projects. Angular Seed acts as a superstructure of the AngularJS application in development.

Developers deploy this Seed to bootstrap the app development initiative by utilizing its IDE. It is a skeleton structure that you can apply to set up application projects.

Angular Deckgrid

Angular Deckgrid provides a grid to AngularJS when the directives do not depend on their visual representation. This grid uses a CSS file for all the visual portrayals. It is a lightweight grid for AngularJS. This tool works best for instructions where the concerned directive is independent of visual representation.


Karma is a powerful Test Runner for JavaScript and it offers a unique testing environment before you launch a product. This AngularJS development tool makes the testing task easier for the developers.

Karma runs the test in the browser and reports the results in the Command Line Interface, thus offering a clean analysis of every test result. With this Angular testing tool, developers can direct different tests like midway-testing, unit testing, and E2E testing.


Jasmine is a popular testing environment for Node.js projects. It works best with JavaScript implementation and is an open-source AngularJS development tool for testing. The main advantage of this tool is its ability to run on any JavaScript-empowered stage. Jasmine utilizes behavior-driven development (BDD) for test-driven development (TDD) and works in tandem with Karma. Testing becomes easy when developers leverage the perfect combo of Karma and Jasmine.


With the tools discussed above, your AngularJS developers can develop applications to address the challenges and specific requirements. While it is better to have a team of AngularJS developers, it is best to contact an AngularJS development company like DRC Systems.

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