Top iOS App Development Trends for 2023

August 11, 2023

Whether you are an ios app developer or you are a business searching for an ios app development company to build your business app. It is essential to know the top iOS app development trends to create an application that can compete in the market with the rest of the applications. In this competitive world, you cannot afford to miss the latest developments to stay relevant and in the competition.

Certain things to keep in mind before you dwell into building an iOS application. There are around 4.4 million apps already existing in the Apple app store. Each month around 30,000 new iOS apps are launched in the app store. The number of apps already present in the market increases the competition. It becomes essential to build high-quality apps keeping in mind the latest iOS app development trends.

We have curated the list of top ios app development trends that would help in building a successful app to help you meet your business objectives. These trends are being followed and practiced by ios app developers globally. To assure the success of the app it needs to be built with a focus to build an app that is not just relevant, but futuristic too.

Top 15 iOS Mobile App Development Trends in 2023

1. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence

ML and AI, the two breakthrough technologies, make it possible to develop ios applications with a high level of customization. Integrating iOS applications with AI and ML is contributing to increased efficiency, automated operation, and intuitive customer experience for app users. The personalized recommendation which is one of the major features of today’s app is the outcome of AI integration. CoreML framework was developed by Apple which allows developers to seamlessly embed AI and ML technology in the applications. The features such as image recognition, voice recognition, and face recognition are AI and ML based. 

2. AR/VR

Augmented reality gives an interactive experience to the app user very close to the real world. It works on audio, visual as well as other sensory experiences, which is used by businesses to provide consumers with an enhanced experience. The e-commerce travel, education, architecture, and healthcare sector are some of the industries that are benefiting from augmented reality applications. While virtual reality allows the user to experience the virtual environment created for their better experience.ARKit, RealityKit, and Meta API are some of the Apple innovations that help build iOS applications integrating AR/VR technology.

3. Big Data

Today’s smartphone user performs almost all activities on the phone, related to work and personal life both. It leads to huge amounts of data creation and storage on these apps. Making use of big data developers are building powerful and user-friendly applications for companies. Businesses benefit largely because of big data as it provides detailed insights into customer behaviour and requirements. The data analysis also improves decision-making and product improvisation according to the user’s feedback and behavior.

4. Swift 6

Swift is a general-purpose, high-level programming language, developed by Apple and first released in 2014. It is an easy-to-learn language used to create apps for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Since it is open-source, it is supported by a huge community that equips it with various third-party tools helpful for developing apps. The iOS apps are known for their safety and security features, swift facilitates it. When compared to other languages Swift is faster and high performing, which is why it is one of the highly preferred languages for developing iOS applications.

5. Internet of Things

IoT is a new age concept that is essential to integrate into app development to build up-to-date and modern applications, which is the need of businesses. The number of IoT devices is constantly growing, the market size is expected to reach $650.5 billion by 2026.

Apple launched a software framework HomeKit, which lets iOS apps connect, configure, and communicate with other IoT devices. The application of IoT in iOS app development helps in automating, controlling, and simplifying business operations. The iOS developers need to work with IoT to match the user’s expectations in the times of smart homes, smart appliances, and smart offices, where everything can be controlled through an app.

6. Wearables

Wearable apps are one of the most trending apps and gaining popularity each day. Smartwatches, trackers, fitness bands, jewellery, and other medical devices are a few prominent devices. The usability, functionality, and convenience it provides to the users make it popular. The global wearable technology market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 14.6% from 2023 to 2030. The iOS app developers cannot miss to keep up with the trend of wearable devices and integrating them into their apps. There are several Apple wearables available, for which the iOS developers need to innovate ways to take the wearable device experience to the next level.

7. Cloud

Businesses constantly deal with a lot of data, and the storage required also increases in proportion to the complex operations performed by apps. There are added advantages of cloud-based apps such as flexibility, speed, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. These advantages of the cloud incline businesses to invest in cloud-based applications. The massive data storage requirement is managed by clouds, which helps businesses to negate the requirement of building an infrastructure for the same. Because of the popularity of cloud technology Apple created a framework CloudKit that helps in storing and managing the app data in the cloud.

8. iBeacon

Beacon technology is a relatively new-age concept that is changing the game of marketing and retail. In 2013, beacon technology was debuted by Apple. It is yet to reach its potential, expected to grow at a CAGR of 48.9% and reach USD 31.61 billion by 2026. Beacons are small wire-free transmitters that work on Bluetooth technology and signals to nearby smart devices. Business use marketing as a tool to convert prospective clients into customers. Beacon technology is highly beneficial as it works on targeted marketing or audience using the location as a factor. This technology detects a probability and sends a notification which increases the chances of sales for the business. The retail industry will largely benefit from this technology integrating with iOS apps.

9. Chatbots

One of the core functionality of mobile applications is to connect and communicate better with the customer. Businesses are reinventing ways to enhance the customer experience for their users. Integrating chatbots with websites and mobile apps is a way to provide customer service 24/7. This helps in addressing customer grievances promptly and maximizes customer satisfaction. With the advancement in technology like AI and natural language processing, the interactions are becoming more and more human-like. Therefore business aims in adding chatbot features to their iOS applications. The global chatbot market is expected to grow at 23.3% from 2023 to 2030.

10. Security

Security has been a constant concern for app developers, users as well as businesses, a factor that cannot be compromised. To keep the applications secure iOS developers need to be constantly aware of the security trends and practices being practiced globally. Apple is known for its security feature and it constantly works on improving it. App Transport Security (ATS) is one of the features launched in the iOS 9 version that protects the data transmission between client and server communication.

11. Apple Pay

One of the trending development practices is configuring apps with mobile wallets and other digital payment options. With the continuous growth of e-commerce industries mobile applications are being used for buying and selling things that require monetary transactions. iOS app developers work with Apple Pay to provide seamless and secure payment options to app users. It is only to grow more in the coming years, developers need to stay updated with the developments.

12. Voice recognition

The voice assistant is another way through which businesses are used to connect with the users like a chatbot. It is an in-app feature that improves the experience of customer interaction. With the use of technologies like AI and NLP voice assistants are getting more sophisticated and efficient. Siri is an inbuilt voice assistant for iOS devices. Incorporating the iOS apps with voice assistants would provide convenience to the users. 

13. Blockchain technology

One of the promising technologies out of top iOS app development trends is blockchain. It has transformed the app development process as it enables iOS app developers to build secure and decentralized applications. The industries such as health care, supply chain management, and finance are already leveraging the power of blockchain technology. Ethereum, stellar, and Hyperledger are some of the tools that are used in implementing blockchain technology in iOS app development.

14. On-demand apps

On-demand apps are one of the fastest-growing applications. If you are not familiar with on-demand apps, these are apps that allow users to demand services in a very short span of time. Food delivery, home services, goods delivery, and medical help apps are some examples of on-demand apps. They provide convenience, flexibility, and service to the application users, which is the reason behind the popularity of these apps.

15. Predictive Analytics

It is being widely used by businesses, Amazon, Netflix, Google are some of the leading companies who are already using this tool. Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and data mining are some of the technologies behind predictive analytics. It helps in understanding consumer requirements, behavior, and buying patterns. The data collected over a period of time allows us to assess and predict the requirement of the user, which helps the business in serving the customer better. If you are planning to develop an iOS app, you cannot miss integrating this trend into your iOS application.

Summing Up

We have discussed the top 15 iOS app development trends for 2023, that you need to consider if you are building an iOS application for your business. Technology is constantly evolving with each passing day some innovations help in developing more advanced and powerful applications. It is difficult for a business to stay updated with all the new trends, you need to search for the Mobile app development company for that purpose. We at DRC Systems have vast experience in building top-notch iOS mobile apps for companies from different industries. You can connect with us to hire iOS developers for your iOS app development.


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