What are the Top Java Trends: What’s new to expect from Java in 2023

22 May, 2023

We are in 2023 and have a plethora of programming languages for use. We can not miss mentioning Java when we talk about popular and widely used programming languages, irrespective of the fact that it was developed 27 years plus. Java is an easy-to-learn, object-oriented, and platform-independent programming language which makes it suitable for a wide range of software and application development.

It is a preferred choice of developers because of its characteristics like security, robustness, platform independence, and high performance. The community of developers using Java is massive which works as an added advantage for new developers. Since there is constant community support for the learning and development of the language. There are regular Java updates that help in keeping the language relevant even after so many years of development. With the help of the latest technology in Java, developers are creating digital solutions for companies that are high-performance and powerful.

The latest version of Java

Oracle recently launched Java 20 on March 21, 2023. There are a lot of new features, innovations introduced in the latest update of Java. There are security, stability, and performance improvements in Java 20.

Listing a few of the significant features of Java 20:
Record patterns
Scoped values
Pattern matching for switch expression
Vector API
Virtual threads
Structured concurrency
Foreign function and Memory API

Top Java Trends that you should know

Java is a versatile programming language, developers pick Java for developing enterprise applications, mobile applications, network applications, web applications, game applications and so much more. Your project can be of any size, type, or industry, Java can likely be one of the obvious choices.

Whether you are a business looking for software solutions or a developer looking for the latest trends and want to know about the latest updates. You need to read this blog.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has drastically changed the field of technology, AI has made it possible to develop applications that were a distant reality before AI. Java is one of the top languages used to create AI-based applications. There are frameworks and libraries of Java, which are helpful in AI programming. There is limitless potential in AI, and Java is easy to use and learn, with an extensive library and tool support that makes Java and Artificial Intelligence a powerful combination.

2. Cloud computing

When every business and industry is going through a transformation and going online. It has caused exponential growth and demand for cloud computing. Cloud computing eliminates the requirement of creating and maintaining the infrastructure physically. Cloud computing provides a scalable platform for hosting applications. Java works on the principle of WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere) which works best for cloud-based applications.

3. Spring Framework

Spring framework is an open-source application framework for building enterprise Java applications. It is a lightweight and end-to-end application framework that helps with the development of applications making it faster and easier. It is a component-based framework including features like aspect-oriented programming, transaction management, flexible dependency injection container, and data access. The framework is constantly evolving with frequent updates, as a Java developer one needs to be aware of the developments, as it is one of the most popular frameworks for Java.

4. Platform as a service

The usage of PaaS is constantly growing because of the flexibility and convenience it provides to developers. Platform as a service is a cloud computing model that allows the developers to create, run and manage software applications without bothering about the physical infrastructure. There are a lot of tools available with Java that provide the necessary support for Java-based PaaS applications.

5. GitHub

It is a widely used online software development platform, also popular as a code hosting platform for collaboration. Developers across the world share this platform and contribute to the open-source community. Java developers use this platform as it eases the development process. There are features like code reviews, issue tracking, and patch requests that help Java developers. Java developers can benefit and contribute both, by using this online hosting service for software development service.

6. Big Data

It is a huge collection of data, which is difficult to manage and analyze with traditional software. The software and applications continuously store data which is used for several purposes like strategic decision-making, marketing, customer relationship, customization, and much more. For this huge amount of data to be useful it needs to be analyzed and converted into meaningful information. Java is Type-safe and scalable making it an appropriate choice for big data applications. There are built-in libraries and frameworks available with Java such as Apache Mahout, Apache Hadoop and deeplearning4j, Weka, MLib.

7. Mobile development

The mobile development market is on the rise with better internet connectivity and smartphone accessibility. Android app development has a larger share of this market, and Java has been a leading programming language for Android development. Scalability, security, and extensibility are Java’s features that help in developing high-performing advanced applications. Java is up to date with the latest technologies, which makes it an ideal choice for complex applications requiring the adoption of advanced technologies.

Java has been a popular choice for various software development for many years and with the constant evolution and development its future is also secure. We have discussed some of the major trends and latest technologies in Java. If you are a business owner, choosing a programming language that offers dependability and security along with performance would be your priority. Java is a well-established language with all the features intact. The adaptability and integration with the latest technologies like AI, Machine learning, IoT, and others make it an ideal choice for developing modern applications and software.


We offer a wide range of Java development services with experience working with many industries. We have Java experts on our team with years of experience and valuable skills that would help fulfill your business objectives. Our developers are technical enthusiasts which keeps them updated with the latest developments and trends in the field of technology. Connect with us to hire dedicated Java developers from our team for your next project.


Is Java still relevant in 2023?
Yes, Java is a popular and widely used programming language. Developers pick Java for web development and mobile development.

What is Java suitable for?
Java is a robust and versatile language, suitable for enterprise applications, mobile applications, building cloud applications, chatbots, and much more.

How to hire a Java developer?
You can look for top companies providing Java development companies and discuss your project requirements. They would guide you through and provide dedicated Java developers for your project.

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