Why use Vue Js in 2023

11 Apr, 2023

There are several front-end development frameworks available in the market that help in optimizing the development process. So, it is natural to have questions about choosing the right framework for your project. In this blog, we are going to answer some of the questions that are why use Vue.js, what is vue.js and what is vue.js used for? Let us begin.

Why use Vue.js, what is vue.js and what is vue.js used for?

What is Vue.js?

According to a survey, the popularity of Vue.js accounts for 18.82% among various other frameworks. Vue.js is an open-source javascript framework used for building user interfaces and single-page applications. The first release for vue.js is marked on February 2014, developed by Evan You. The idea behind developing vue.js was to create a lightweight framework. Vue.js gained popularity soon after its release because of its ease of use. The latest version available is v3.2.47.

Features of Vue.js

Knowing the features of vue.js and what it can do, will help you in understanding why use vue.js for your next project. Here are some of the important features discussed;

MVVM architecture

Vue.js uses the model-view-view model architecture. In this type of architecture, the logic and the graphical UI are kept independent of each other. The model contains the logic and the view contains the UI. The view model connects here, enabling two-way data binding.


The tools present with the framework make it easy to use, fasten the development process, and make it efficient. Vue.js have highly functional and powerful tools available to be used in the development process.

Vue CLI – The command line interface helps to kick-start the project easily. It also lets you add third-party plugins and vue.js framework libraries.

Testing tools – It has a set of tools for both end-to-end testing and unit testing.

There are various inbuilt tools available for routing, state management, animation, GUI, and loading. In addition to this, you can also add third-party tools as per your requirement.


Vue.js follows the best practices for documentation which makes it easy for beginners to learn how to use the framework. The detailed documentation makes Vue.js easy to use framework for both beginners and experienced developers. The documentation covers everything from installation to features of vue.js in detail. The documentation gives ease to the users as they can always refer to it if they are stuck or find any difficulty.


An interactive user interface holds the attention of the user and makes it easy to use for the user, animations are added to the interface for this purpose. The API of vue.js is designed in a way that makes the transition between views and adaptable architecture. There are different methods available for adding animations on the web and in applications.


Vue.js supports an interesting feature of incremental integration. Depending on the requirement of your project you can pick what you want to integrate from Vue.js and use it in your application. Developers have the option to work with vue.js as a framework or also a library Vue.js supports several languages and framework that gives it the possibility for it to be integrated with existing applications.

Virtual DOM

Virtual Document Object Model is one of the most important features of Vue.js contributing to the performance and scalability of applications using Vue.js. V DOM is a mechanism that keeps a virtual representation of UI in the memory. The real DOM and virtual DOM are in synchronization with each other. If any modification is needed it is easier to make them in virtual DOM, than in real DOM.

Two-way data binding

The MVVM architecture of Vue.js enables two-way data binding. The data exchange between the model and view is two-way, which provides a seamless synchronization between them. In this, if there is any change in the data model the UI gets updated, and if there is any change in UI, the data models get updated. Two-way data binding improves the speed of development significantly. It uses the V-model directive for data binding; it helps in maintaining the consistency of data.

Ease of Learning and Community Support

If you want to start learning and using Vue.js it is not difficult, but rather easy. Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and javascript is enough for you to understand the working of Vue.js. Visual Studio, Sublime Text, and Atom are some of the code editors available for Vue.js which makes it easier.

Vue.js is an open-source and javascript framework, which makes it a community of a large number of developers to provide support and assistance.

What is Vue.js used for?

Vue.js is a versatile and flexible framework, with which developers can build different types of UI development. Here are some of the ways Vue.js is widely used;


One of the core purposes that led to vue.js was being able to create the prototype, which was difficult with already existing frameworks. Vue.js lets you create the mock design of the user interface which would depict the functionality of the web application.


The feature of incremental integration allows vue.js to be used for upgrading the existing application with new functionalities which otherwise could have been difficult. PHP’s Laravel, Express.js, Ruby on Rails, Django, and Python are some of the technologies with which vue.js is compatible.

User Interface

The basic and most popular application of Vue.js is in building interactive and user-friendly interfaces. Vue.js creates UI in an uncomplicated manner with the help of javascript, HTML, and CSS.

Mobile apps

By using native script developers can build cross-platform native apps which otherwise were not supported by vue.js. Nativescript is a javascript-based framework that helps in building mobile apps for both ios and Android. This framework allows you to use vue.js for mobile app development.

We have discussed both why to use vue.js and what can be done using vue.js. The various features that vue.js offers allow vue.js developers to use it for web app development and mobile app development both. Vue.js is a lightweight framework that improves the performance of the application tremendously, ultimately benefiting the business. Some of the major brands that use vue.js are Grammarly, Upwork, Trivago, BMW, Gitlab, Alibaba, and Netflix.


You can also leverage the benefits of using vue.js for your next project. We can assist you been an experienced and resourceful vue.js development company. Whether you need a new application or want to upgrade the existing we can do both using the vue.js framework. Connect with us and we will provide you with the solutions you are looking for.

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