Designing Single-Page Apps In A Clean Way

Angularjs is used to build web applications and is an open-source JavaScript framework. Being an open-source framework, it can be used freely, changed easily, and shared by anyone. It is developed by a team of developers and acts as an excellent environment to design single-phase business line applications. Angularjs is used to develop websites and extends the functionality of HTML which makes it dynamic.
AngularJS follows the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern and is designed to enhance the functionality of HTML by extending its capabilities. It uses declarative programming to create rich, single-page applications (SPAs) where views are dynamically updated based on changes in the underlying data.


Our Unique AngularJS Solutions

Customized Application Development
We develop customized applications using Angular technology for a powerful architecture and a sustainable enterprise-grade solution. Our team of Angular developers maintains a balance between agile development and delivery.
Custom API Development
We develop customized applications with robust MVC architecture, microservices, enhanced security, and scalability. With our services, you also get customized APIs that simplify your business activities and facilitate your customers with improved responsiveness.
Customized UI/UX Development
We have been delivering next-gen user interfaces that offer improved user experience with increased interaction. Our Angular specialists with UI experts develop customized apps to deliver dynamic solutions that offer user experience.
Web Application Up-Gradation
We upgrade your application using the Angular framework. We use typescript to streamline the codes into modules to eliminate the errors and auto-completion support with improved performance.
App Maintenance & Support
At DRC Systems, application delivery is followed by continuous technical support and maintenance as and when required. We support you with tailored updates and support to your business requirements for increased productivity.
Talent Augmentation
Achieve a higher level of productivity with our talent augmentation services and bridge the knowledge gap between your staff and technology. Our Angular developers are proficient enough to develop excellent software.

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