How Storex witnessed Surprising Results after associating with DRC Systems?

Project Overview:

When the hospital industry was leaving no stone unturned to launch efficient virtual methods of treating patients and diagnosing them properly, Storex was launched as the icing on the cake! This case study highlights the backstory of the creation of this medical portal for the US.

Our clients wanted to simplify the method of medication, administration, and the process of treatment; allowing Doctors and patients to connect virtually. So, they opted for the best technical experts (the team of DRC Systems) who can help them implement all the customized solutions that are going to ease down the roles and responsibilities of both doctors and patients.

Requirements that our Cliented Broached:

  • Our client wanted to alert notifications through SMS and Email for Admin, Doctors, and Patients.
  • For Patient, we had to work on implementing the feature of ordering multiple items from the “View Prescription” page.
  • For Admin, we had to follow a similar approach as patients; under each patient’s file allow admin to buy multiple prescriptions at once.

Challenges We faced

  • As doctors have to treat multiple patients at a time, it’s not necessary that they will be completely fit with just a single dosage of medication, many times patients need to repeat the course of medication. In such cases, integrating a feature of refilling the prescription was something that challenged us.

Solutions we provided

  • During the time of COVID-19, visiting hospitals was quite risky for doctors, patients, and all the available people out there. So, we brought the solution of online consultation for doctors to treat their patients virtually. That way patients could be diagnosed properly as doctors were easily able to prescribe them on the basis of mentioned symptoms.
  • We integrated the feature of sending multiple prescriptions for the doctors so that they can send multiple prescriptions at the same time to the respective patients.
  • Also, while ordering medicines patients can actually check the images of the medicines through the generated link for their ease and can even exclude any of them if that medicine is already available. So, it was a painstaking process to implement.

We are Tech-Driven Champions!

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