Understanding The .NET Framework

ASP.NET is a web application framework that was initially developed by Microsoft. It is an open-source framework and is a subset of .NET. With the latest framework 4.5 and Visual Studio 2019, our team of professional developers designs highly customized solutions for many businesses across the globe.

ASP.NET is a web development platform that offers these provisions to build powerful web applications for computer systems and smart devices.

  • A programming model
  • Comprehensive software architecture
  • Tons of services, tools, and utilities

This powerful framework is powered by the HTTP protocol and uses the commands to set a browser-to-server approach for synchronized communication. It also uses extensible components of the objects present in the .NET framework.

Features That Make .NET Unique Framework

.NET bags-in a plethora of useful features that help the developers design highly intricate and customized solutions. Have a look at what .NET offers.

Common Development Environment

The run-time environment maintains the harmony between different .NET languages such as C++, C#, Visual Basic, and much more with successful execution. Different languages have the same development environment.

Common Type System

The .NET framework supports different types of systems to maintain data integrity across the code written in different programming languages. Common Type System ensures that the objects of the programs can communicate with each other and share the data.

Multilingual Support

ASP.NET offers multilingual support and manages the compilers that are used to convert the source code to the intermediate language. From the intermediate language to the native code, these compilers enforce data integrity, program safety, and security.

Web API frameworks & MVC

The .NET Core, developers used MVC and Web API frameworks. MVC was customized to create web applications that served HTML. Web APIs were designed to create RESTful services using XML or JSON. MVC always returns JSON data and combining it with HTML simplifies development.


The CLR maintains system security through user-code identity. This identity is coupled with multiple permission checks. Security is a major feature of .NET. Apart from that, this framework also provides support for role-based security using the Windows NT accounts.

Automated Resource Management

CLR offers automatic and efficient resource management options such as screen place, network connections, memory, database, etc. It invokes the built-in functions of the framework for effective resource management.

How ASP.NET Transforms Enterprises

Execution Environment

All the .NET apps run under a common execution environment. This runtime environment facilitates the synchronization between different .NET languages such as C++, C#, Visual Basic, etc. The main objective of this environment is to provide common code and successful execution.

Power Of Scalability

Developers love this open-source framework because of the flexibility it allows. ASP.NET supports many programming languages that can be used according to the development requirements. Multiple operating systems support this platform for effective web development.

Very Easy To Use

This is one of the several reasons why developers love this framework. ASP.NET application customization is extremely easy to use without having to deal with complex web development configurations. This framework is free from all the redundant complex codes.

Complete Data Security

Web development configurations are cloud-based and all the changes made are saved online. These configurations can be easily secured with Windows guaranteed authentication. Developers can create a random entropy to encrypt the data using the static protect method.

Saves Time

This feature-rich platform saves tons of coding hours with the aid of compilers such as 'Roselyn'. The latest developments in this framework with added features boost the performance and saves time. These compilers save more time so the developers can focus on the development process.

Early Glitch Detection

ASP.NET offers high performance with the help of features such as JIT compilation, optimization support, and caching. These features compile the code during the execution of the program. Developers can detect glitches and flaws at an early stage and make the required changes.

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