Big Data, The Only Huge Data Since Its Inception!

Big Data is a big term associated with a large volume of data. This data is both unstructured and structured and is extremely important. Big data is everything that strengthens the business pillars of an organization. It is not the amount of data that is important but what organizations do with that data. This data can be analyzed, manipulated, and used to frame better business decisions and strategies.

Internet Of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are managing data complexity via new norms and different data sources. A thorough analysis of big data allows analysts, engineers, and scientists to make quicker decisions using the data that was unusable or inaccessible. Businesses use advanced analytics and methodologies including text analytics, machine learning, deep learning, data mining, natural language processing, statistics to manipulate this data and use it for simplified business operations.

What Are The Different Sources Of Big Data?

With millions of users generating several queries each second, data is getting enormous. This calls for questions. Where is all this data coming from? What are the different sources of Big Data?

Streaming Data

Streaming data comes from connected devices into the IT systems. From wearables, medical devices, smart cars, industrial equipment to drones, all these sources fall under the big umbrella of the Internet Of Things.

Public Data

Publicly available data comes from open data sources including the World Bank, World Health Organization, CIA, Google public data explorer, open data registry on AWS, US Data Gov, and European Union Open data portal.

Social Media Data

Social media data hops in from interactions and engagements on the Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram. This data is usually in the form of text, images, videos, and voice.

How DRC Systems Works With Big Data

Numerous factors define how organizations work with big data. This includes data locations, data sources, system owners, and users. At DRC Systems, we follow a unique approach and help organizations simplify and manage their big data for streamlined business operations.

Setting Up A Big Data Strategy

We help organizations store, manage, and access big data effectively. Before developing a big data strategy, we understand your business verticals and model to help you with organization goals.

Analyzing The Big Data

We properly analyze this big data to effectively retrieve the relevant data. Analyzing the relevant data helps us deliver relevant solutions that resonate with your business goals.

Defining Data-Driven Decisions

Properly organized data leads to better decisions and strategies. We interpret the big data and help the organization with data-driven decisions. Organized data helps in effective decision making.

Managing, Storing And Accessing The Big Data

We leverage the latest computing technologies that offer the speed and flexibility required to quickly access enormous amounts of data. Our data specialists offer you cost-effective options like Hadoop, cloud solutions, etc...

Our Big Data Services & Solutions

We offer a fully automated cloud service that provides an enterprise-grade cost-effective data cluster management system. With our big data services, you can get access to Hadoop based data performance model that quickly processes large amounts of data.

Flexible Data Storage Service

Our Big Data services simplify the data storage for the customers so they can deploy big data clusters of different sizes. This flexibility enables them to choose between high output nonvolatile memory engine and block storage. They can extend or shrink their clusters accordingly.

Advanced Security & Easy Retrieval

Our big data solutions simplify the process of making big data clusters secure for easy retrieval. Our experts implement security with a single click. This results in easy retrieval of the big data clusters.

Integrated Solutions

Our big data solutions are easy to use and manage as they cooperate with data science, analysis, and data integration services. This enables our developers to easily retrieve the data using SQL.

Spatial Analytics

We also offer spatial analytics solutions and geolocation services so our customers can analyze teh exact location and data and generate new clusters of data that can be used to improve the machine learning models.

DRC Systems, A Name You Can Trust For Big Data Solutions

Big data is changing the way enterprises manage their workloads and data clusters. Data is the essence of any business and at DRC Systems, we know how to retrieve the relevant data to help businesses simplify their activities. We have been assisting several businesses to manage their data and smoothen their workloads.

Our data scientists carry several years of experience in retrieving the relevant data and working on clusters. We have successfully handled customized enterprise requirements from our clients across the globe and have handled customized requirements. At DRC Systems, we leverage the latest trends along with end-to-end Big Data consulting services and analytics expertise. Our solutions help your business meets its objectives.

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