Blockchain, Taking Businesses By A Storm!

Down the road, Blockchain is a useful way to store the data. This is very similar to storing data in a database. Each fragment of data is called a ‘block’ and once you define it, you can edit it as and when required. Blockchain uses a ‘hash’ to solve complex problems. A hash is a unique number that is generated from a much larger body of data. Any change in this data displays a new number every time.

Blockchain technology creates a long chain of blocks that are linked together. These chains prevent new number generation every time in case there is a change. These blocks are linked together and they check the integrity of links. Apart from having several advantages, Blockchain technology is taking the financial market by a storm.

Understanding How Blockchain Works

Whenever a block stores new data, it is added to a blockchain. When a block is added to the chain, these steps take place.

Successful Transaction

In the case of online shopping, once you click on the purchase button, the order is grouped with several thousand transactions. This creates a block that groups every successful transaction.

Transaction Verification

With other information records, the new entries are added and a log is prepared. Blockchain automates this process and the transaction gets verified by a network of computers.

The Transaction Is Stored In A Block

After the transaction is verified as accurate data, every detail is stored in a block. This transition becomes a block and is ready to join other blocks in the chain.

Block Have A Hash

After all the transactions are verified, the block is given a name. This name is a unique identification code and is called a Hash. The block can be added to the blockchain once it is hashed.

Key Features Of Blockchain Technology

It Is Incorruptible

In a chain, every node on the network has a copy of the digital ledger. Every node needs to check its validity if it wants to add a transaction. If the majority detects its validity, it is added to the ledger.

Decentralized Platform

The entire network is decentralized and no particular person or authority looks after the framework. Only a group of nodes manages this network thereby decentralizing it all.

Enhanced Security

As it eliminates a centralized hub, no one can change the traits of the network for personal gains. Block encryption ensures multiple security layers for the entire system.


Every blockchain environment follows and thrives due to the consensus. The architecture is carefully designed and the consensus algorithms power the entire architecture.

How Is Blockchain Transforming The Enterprises?

100% Transparency Levels

The Blockchain technology simplifies transaction logs. Blockchain uses a distributed ledger technology wherein all the participants share the same documentation. This technology is much transparent, consistent, and accurate when it comes to changing the records.

Total Security

After a transaction is recorded and approved, it is encrypted and linked to the previous block in the chain. In this way, the information is stored across a network of computers rather than on a single server. This makes it extremely difficult for hackers to steal data, or conduct unauthorized activities.

Improved Tracking Systems

It is very difficult to have a functional tracking system for a product-based organization. But when products are recorded on a blockchain formation, you have a systematic audit trail that shows where a particular product came from and if it has reached the destination.

Increased Speed & Efficiency

Trading activities are prone to human error and often require third-party mediation. By streamlining and automating these processes with blockchain, the transactions can be completed in a short duration. A single digital ledger account is used for Recordkeeping.

Reduced Costs

For most businesses, cost reduction is a top priority. If you leverage blockchain, you do not need several third-party extensions. You can use the data from the blockchain to trade online. Every participant has access to a single unchangeable version.

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