9 Hottest CRM Tips To Skyrocket Your Sales

December 23, 2021

Customer relationships are the key to your organization’s growth and you need to manage them effectively. If a business succeeds with a particular CRM strategy, it usually does two things:

  • It recognizes the right CRM platform to implement what it needs.
  • It explores more possibilities to scale business with the platform.

When it comes to increasing sales, implementing the right CRM software is the first actionable step you need to take and the next important thing you need to do is increase customer happiness.

‘Maximize the area under the curve of customer happiness.’

Elon Musk

CRM helps you stay connected with your customers/prospects, improves business performance, and grows your enterprise even bigger. Here is how a CRM can help you achieve maximum sales.

9 Tips to Increase Your Sales Using CRM Platform

Find The Right Customers

You have spent time and effort on lead generation. But what happens now? Are those leads passed on to your sales teams? Do your sales teams know which of them are the hottest deals?

More than 70% of your leads aren’t converted to sales without a CRM platform.

You can make the most out of your marketing tools like marketing automation, emails, and social media. Both sales and marketing teams need a complete view of leads to curate engaging content and turn those prospects into customers.

Build More Sustainable Relationships

CRM platform helps you develop a better understanding of your customers’ needs with a complete view of their history with your company. The right CRM system enables you to build strong relationships and mutual success.

A CRM can help organizations with:

Exploring Their Challenges

Find out what matters the most to your customers. Find out their goals, challenges, preferences and have a follow-up action. You can then record these notes in your CRM system to pick up where you left off.

Scaling Your 1-1 Relationships

As a start-up, you might provide personal experiences to your customers. But when high growth kicks in, it becomes difficult to follow up with every customer and know their details. A CRM platform can help you with email hosting, setting up task reminders, enabling phone calls, and connecting with your customers faster.

Analyzing The Qualified Leads

A CRM is more than just a contacts list. By enclosing valuable customer information. It provides salespeople with critical insights to improve the efficiency of sales. When you integrate the CRM platform with marketing automation software, email marketing campaigns, and other business tools that you use, you will have a 360° view of your outdated information on all the leads.

CRM helps you determine which leads have the most potential of turning into customers so you can target them accordingly. This saves time and also improves the productivity of your entire enterprise.

Maximize The Potential Of Existing Relationships

CRM software helps your sales reps identify and seize the best sales opportunities with new prospects.

  • Build understanding with every customer and boost engagement across a stretched period
  • Design and prepare well-timed referral plans
  • Anticipate customers’ needs and personalize their buying journey
  • Determining opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling

With the right CRM, businesses can fetch all the data to boost conversion rates and minimize costs.

Improve Customer Support

Harnessing the power of data helps in improving the customer experience. You can organize your business while managing customer relationships to offer personalized customer journeys. This is achieved by an efficient customer support team that delivers efficient customer service.

Your customer support team can link all the details of every purchase and interaction to customer support tickets. This helps your customer service reps to identify the issues and solve them in real-time.

Evaluate Your Marketing Tactics & Improve The Campaigns

A CRM platform helps you with information about how the prospects discovered your business. With all the sensitive data in one place, you can identify and track which marketing methods can bring you the highest return on investment.

Access to sales interactions, transactions, and customer history helps your marketing teams understand customers’ concerns. Insights into strong customer information help your marketing teams create relevant content and campaigns.

Track Your Sales Process & Stay Consistent

After evaluating how the process is connected with your buyers’ journey, your sales reps can optimize the selling time. The right CRM platform can be great for monitoring that process. Depending on the nature of your business, tracking your sales process may comprise a simple checklist or multiple stages that automate emails. A CRM such as Hubspot streamlines the To-Dos, assessing the flow of your sales process to stay consistent.

Keep Your Sales Lead In The Loop

In addition to keeping tabs on your sales team, a CRM platform such as HubSpot allows you to keep the sales manager in the loop. This enables your sales manager to track all the leads in the pipeline. Are the leads qualified? Are they ready to be closed? Keeping your sales manager in the loop helps your sales teams to track every stage of the sales process.

Simplify Reporting

A CRM simplifies several aspects of your sales teams.

  • Reporting the sales activities
  • Evaluating the number of calls made in a day
  • Time spent in setting up the calls

The right CRM platform makes it easy for your sales team to manage the relevant data. They can effectively utilize their time in selling. Platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce eliminate tedious processes like call reports. Activity reports are managed by your sales teams and any changes are recorded automatically.

Customer Groups & Workflow Automation

CRM systems provide merchants with a variety of processes that automate repetitive tasks. This automation makes customer experiences easy to personalize. One way to do this using a CRM platform is to create customer groups. These groups assign customers to different segments that automatically provide them with personalized experiences according to the pricing, order quantities and other factors.


With the right CRM software by your side, it is easier to turn your customers’ loyalty into profits. Not only will you be serving tons of customers while offering personalized experiences, but also be setting the foundation for a more productive team. There are tons of operations to perform, leads to nurture, and bottomless data to manage. To achieve this, you need to get in touch with an IT enterprise like DRC Systems. We leverage HubSpot and Salesforce to offer the best customer experiences for scaling more sales. For more information on how our sales consultants can help you hit those numbers,contact us today!


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