React.js Benefits for Application Development & Reasons to Use it

January 16, 2023

The way business operates has changed drastically with the intervention of technologies. With the help of technology time-taking business operations have become a matter of a few seconds. A web application is one such way through which businesses are reaping the benefits of technology. There are many web development technologies such as languages, frameworks, and libraries available that make the development process quicker and more efficient. The key to building a high-performing application is picking the right technologies which would change with the project requirements.

ReactJS is widely popular among developers 42.62% is the market share of ReactJS for developing web applications. In 2011, Facebook came up with ReactJS to ease the development process by minimizing the coding for web applications. ReactJS is an open-source javascript library. It is popularly used for building interactive user interfaces for mobile and web applications. It is easy and flexible to use. ReactJS helps you build a single-page application, which eliminates the need of sending a request to the server every time a new page is to be rendered making it faster.

Now let us answer the most important question why use ReactJS and what are the benefits of using ReactJS?

Top 10 benefits of using ReactJS

Developers prefer ReactJS for front-end development of the application. The applications built using ReactJS have engaging and user-friendly UI. Here are the major benefits of ReactJS:

1. Easy to learn and use

ReactJS uses javascript, and javascript is one of the most popular programming languages therefore it is familiar to most developers. Since the majority of developers are already aware of javascript, it is easy to learn ReactJS. Also, there are a lot of materials available online and groups that can be used for learning about ReactJS because of the large community of ReactJS developers. Creating dynamic web applications with ReactJS is also easier compared to others.

2. Reusable

One of the prime benefits of ReactJS is the reusable components. Each component has its control and logic, independent of the others. Multiple components can be integrated into the case of complex applications. ReactJS allows you to use the same code multiple times, it increases the development efficiency and reduces the time required for the development.

3. Library

The extensive ReactJS library has a variety of elements, tools, and functions that helps in building an application in less time. ReactJS also has an in-built testing library that helps in testing the components. There are many useful functions in the library, there is a function that performs the conversion of HTML components into functions.

4. SEO-friendly

SEO friendliness is another added benefit of ReactJS which plays an important role in any business. The web application will be beneficial for any enterprise when it is SEO optimized. React.js eliminates the need to reload the page every time for any updation, which increases the loading speed of the web page, one of the factors in SEO optimization.

5. Community support

There is a large community of developers who work with ReactJS worldwide. Therefore, community support gives a good number of tutorials, forums, groups, and articles. The developers are actively contributing to these different platforms which are of great help to beginners or anyone looking for answers.

6. Code Stability

ReactJS offers code stability to its users, it follows a downward data flow. If there are any modifications in the child object the parent remains the same which avoids any conflict. While making the changes the developers can decide to which all components the change should be reflected.

7. Cross-platform

Creating different applications for different platforms would be a non-efficient and time-taking process. As a business, you would want to cater to all your customers, and that is easily made possible by using ReactJS, as ReactJS lets you build a cross-platform application. The same code can be used in both ios and android applications, eliminating the need for individual codes.

8. Scaleable

JSX is a javascript extension, where javascript objects are embedded into HTML elements. It lets you create components that can be reused anywhere in the app enhancing the performance. JSX is responsible to keep the code simpler and easy to understand. It also makes the application faster.

9. Faster development and Fast rendering

ReactJS is supported by a large number of tools and rich libraries which results in faster development. It also has the concept of reusable components which saves a lot of time from writing redundant codes. ReactJS follows the virtual DOM Document Object Model View which was developed by Facebook. The benefit of Virtual DOM is that it allows testing on it.

10. High Performance

Web applications developed using ReactJS are high-performing applications which makes it one of the top-picked libraries for front-end development. ReactJS features like virtual DOM and one-way data binding help in optimizing the performance of the applications.

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What are the main differences between React.js and Node.js?

Reasons to use ReactJS

If you are still wondering if ReactJS, would be the best choice for your project. Read on to find out the reasons why ReactJS is so popular among businesses wanting to develop applications.

1. Developer toolset

ReactJS have a large number of toolsets which increases the overall productivity of the developer. Tools can be added as an extension in multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Also, there are in-built debugging tools present with ReactJS.

2. Availability of Extensions

ES7, Prettier, VSCode, ESlint, and GitLens are some of the favorite extensions used with ReactJS. Extensions help make development faster and easier.

3. Testing of Components

ReactJS is known for its testing ability by keeping the code testable. In addition to the built-in testing tools present in ReactJS, there are many testing tools available in the market which support ReactJS.

4. Flexibility

The flexibility that ReactJS offers is multi-dimensional. The architecture of ReactJS allows the creation of custom components, which can be used multiple times. The other dimension in which ReactJS provides flexibility is integration with several third-party libraries and frameworks.


We have discussed the various benefits and reasons to choose ReactJS, adding that ReactJS uses features like progressive web apps, AI chatbots, accelerated mobile pages, and single-page applications to build web applications. Some of the best brands around the world use ReactJS such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Reddit, Uber, and The New York Times.

The versatility of ReactJS makes it the preferred technology across different industries. ReactJS is sufficiently equipped to create different applications like e-commerce, social media, blog app, or any other type of application. Irrespective of the industry your business belongs to, the features of ReactJS are efficient for your app development. You can hire a dedicated ReactJS developer or choose any other engagement model. Our ReactJS developers have helped many businesses to create highly functional applications with an engaging user interface.


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