The benefits of ASP.NET for Web Development and why you should use it

13 Mar, 2023

Businesses have already discovered the benefits and importance of web development for their growth and success in the digital era. There is a constant rise in businesses investing in their web development requirements. There are web development companies that can assist you in the process. There are a number of languages and frameworks available in the market, and it can be confusing to choose. In this blog, we have elaborately discussed the ASP.NET framework, one of the top-performing frameworks for web development.

ASP.NET was launched in 2002, making it a 2-decade old technology. In 2023, we are using, learning, and reading about ASP.NET itself is enough to show how popular ASP.NET is for web development requirements. One of the figures that show how widely ASP.NET is used is, about 7.2% of all the websites whose server-side programming side language is known to use ASP.NET. Some of the global companies that handle a large amount of traffic and need high-performing websites and web applications that prefer to use ASP.NET are Microsoft, Adobe, Office, MSN, Mayoclinic, Oracle, and Skype.

What is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is an open-source, server-side web application framework to create dynamic websites, web applications, and web services. It was designed by Microsoft and launched in January 2002. With the launch of ASP.NET web development became a much simpler process and enabled the creation of interactive websites. ASP.NET has been constantly upgraded all these years in various versions launched to keep up with technology advancements. Since it is built on common language runtime it gives the flexibility to the developers that they can write code in any language supported by .NET languages such as C#, visual basic, F#, and J#. ASP.NET was released as a successor to ASP, which added .NET tools, and libraries to develop dynamic websites and applications.

Benefits of using ASP.NET for web development

1. Open-source

ASP.NET is immensely popular among developers, and one of the major reasons attributing to its popularity is ASP.NET being free and open source. Since it is freely available the development cost is effective. The number of developers contributing to the development is also huge since it is open source, and available on GitHub. Because of the constant contribution from developers, the web development process gets easier.

2. Security

There is a constant threat due to the increasing malice attacks. The application you are building for your business needs to be well-protected. There are built-in tools with ASP.NET that helps you secure your application. Features like windows authentication and pre-application configuration are present in ASP.NET. It also supports encryption of communication between client and server through SSL certificates. With ASP.NET you can easily integrate with third-party authentication providers like Google, Facebook, and Twitter enhancing the security of your application.

3. Language Support

While working with ASP.NET developers are not restricted to using a particular language. It supports multiple languages giving the flexibility to choose the language they want to code in, making the development process simpler. Depending on the preference of the developer multiple languages can also be used while developing the project.

4. Cross-platform

One of the major benefits of choosing ASP.NET for your web development is that the web application or website you create is platform-independent. And as a business when you choose a technology, you need it to support different platforms to reach the maximum user base. ASP.NET cross-platform compatibility eliminates the need of writing different codes for different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. The same code works across different platforms.

5. Community Support

ASP.NET was developed by Microsoft, therefore it has vast community support available. When you choose ASP.NET for your web development, community support comes along which is very beneficial for the developers. As there is a group of developers available to seek help in case of any difficulty.

6. Multiple databases

Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, Oracle, MongoDB, and CouchDB all are supported by ASP.NET. It also accesses data through XML documents, Business Objects, and flat files. Data retrieving and data manipulation processes are easy and simple in ASP.NET.

7. Razor Pages

One of the new additions to the features of ASP.NET. It is instrumental in creating dynamic pages by providing syntax with the help of C# and HTML. This feature makes it possible for the developers to combine the viewable and controller code on the same page. It also helps in organizing the code in a clean and systematic manner.

Reasons to choose ASP.NET

ASP.NET is one of the most popular frameworks used for web development. According to a survey 14.9% of developers use the ASP.NET web framework.

Some of the reasons why developers choose ASP.NET are:

1. Performance

The success of the development process depends on the performance of the product whether you are creating a website or an application. ASP.NET is upgraded with the latest tools to develop a high-performing application. It has features like early-binding, JIT compilation, native optimization, and caching services which help in building high-performance applications.

2. Development time

While working with ASP.NET the length of code is reduced which saves a lot of time making the time to market less. There are a lot of tools and libraries available with ASP.NET that reduce the time required for development. With the presence of debugging tools like an integrated development environment, Visual Studio is efficient in finding errors quickly and fixing them.

3. Easy to use and Maintain

Setting up and using ASP.NET is both easy to use and set up. The learning curve of ASP.NET is also not steep. ASP.NET is based on object-oriented languages such as C#. There are a large number of developers who are aware of the concepts of object-oriented language and are already using one of them, making it easier for them to learn ASP.NET.


The enormous benefits that ASP.NET has to offer make it one of the most widely used frameworks for web development. The features of ASP.NET helps you develop an efficient, secure, reliable, and high-performing website or web application for your business. We are an experienced ASP.NET development company who have delivered feature-rich, secure, and user-friendly web applications for various business. You can hire our ASP.NET developers who would assist you in all your web development requirements for your business. Connect with us or visit our website.

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