The Best NodeJS Frameworks for Web Applications

06 Dec, 2022

In the digital world, businesses continuously invest in digital solutions that would optimize operations and increase efficiency. Getting web applications for your company helps in the growth in multiple ways. A web application is a software that lets you perform tasks web application is a cost-effective tool that helps businesses connect with users across the globe. Time is a crucial factor while you are developing any solution or product, using a framework saves a lot of time since it eliminates the need of building the application from scratch. Frameworks have many in-built tools and functions that ease the development process.

Out of the frameworks present in the market,Node.js is the most widely used framework for application development. According to a survey in 2022, 47.12 percent of developers use the node.js framework. There is a good number of node.js frameworks available, we have covered the top 8 frameworks in this blog. It will give you a brief understanding of each which would help pick the best framework for your web application development.

What is a Node.js framework?

Before getting into the different node.js frameworks available, let us first understand Node.js. In the simplest definition, Node.js is a runtime environment where java script codes run. It is an open-source platform and runs across different platforms. A platform that executes JavaScript codes and has tools to build web applications. It is a favorite pick by the developers for building a server-side application.

Here are the top 8 Node.js frameworks:

1. Meteor.js

It is a simple-to-use framework yet a powerful one. Meteor is an open-source, full-stack javascript framework that uses a single language. Meteor is not only suitable for web and server applications but also ios and android applications.


  • Data synchronization is real-time and hassle-free.
  • It provides a full-stack solution.
  • It supports integration with multiple other frameworks.
  • The Meteor community support is an asset for the developers.

When to use Meteor.js

When a real-time application is a requirement, meteor.js is a suitable solution. Since it is a single-language framework and uses javascript. If your team is already proficient in java it is quick and easy to build web applications.

2. Sails.js

Sails.js framework was developed on express.js, therefore it shares similarities with the same. It follows the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture and the “Convention over configuration principle”. It is used for building REST API, single-page apps, and Web-socket-based applications.


  • It gives the benefit of Real-time communication to the applications.
  • The development speed is high.

When to use Sails.js

If you want to develop a chat application or multiplayer game sails.js framework can be the best choice. Building customized enterprise applications is well supported by sails.js

3. Express.js

Express.js is a high-performing framework with a minimalistic approach. It was released in 2010 and is an open-source framework. It can design single-page, multiple pages, and hybrid web applications. Though it is a minimalistic framework it supports plugins adding to the functionality of the framework.


  • Express.js ensures fast server-side development.
  • It gives high testability due to vast test coverage.
  • Better communication between the client and the server through content negotiation.
  • It can be used for both the front end and back end.

When to use express.js

It is best suited for enterprise applications because of its powerful features like robust routing, debugging, security features, and error handling.

4. Hapi

Hapi js is an open-source framework that is popular for its scalability and stability. It enables to write of reusable application logic. It allows adding of many functions with the help of plugins. Hapi offers greater flexibility as compared to other node js frameworks. It is used to build REST API, HTTP proxy applications, API servers, and websites.


  • Applications built on Hapi can handle high-volume traffic efficiently.
  • It has various built-in functionalities.
  • Powerful caching on both the client and server sides.
  • Hapi js framework has built-in authorization and authentication strategies.

When to use Hapi js

It is best suited for building a secure and scalable application like social media.

5. Koa.js

Koa.js is an open-source, minimal, and flexible framework Koa.js shares certain similarities with express.js since it was developed and maintained by the koa js team. The difference lies in how they handle middleware and routing. It uses async functions, eliminating the need for callback and ultimately improving bug handling.


  • It is a lightweight framework, which reduces the footprint and fastens the development.
  • Koa.js is a highly customizable framework.
  • It uses ES6 generators which simplifies synchronous programming and reduces callback.
  • Functionality can be extended with the help of packages.

When to use Koa.js

Koa.js is popular for web applications that require higher performance since it offers better bug handling, no callback, and a high user experience.


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6. Nest.js

Nest js is known as a progressive node.js framework as it uses modern javascript. It uses TypesSript which helps in building scalable and testable applications. It performs type checking that validates the correctness of data at run time.


  • It is easy to build applications because of CLI (Command Line) tools, especially for beginners.
  • It allows unit testing.
  • Nest.js gives a good architecture which is beneficial for building applications.
  • It features built-in support for both SQL databases and non-SQL databases.

When to use Nest.js

It is useful for building multi-layer applications. Large Scale monolith and microservice applications are easy to build with Nest.js.

7. Loopback.js

Loopback.js is a highly extensible framework for creating API and microservices. Loopback gives a predefined structure to the project. It has an in-built API explorer. Loopback.js can create client apps using Android, ios, and javascript SDKs.


  • It has access to multiple databases.
  • It allows the application to run on both premises and the cloud.
  • Full stack development.
  • The codes are in the form of modules and are clean.

When to use Loopback.js

When you want to create an end-to-end API.

8. Adonis.js

Adonis.js is a full-stack development and MVC framework. It is based on Laravel and follows the same pattern, design, and coding structure. Adonis.js offers excellent database support with ORM object-relational mapping.


  • Built-in security tools that protect from attacks like cross-site forgery.
  • It has a dedicated validation provider that makes it easier to validate user input.
  • Follows a folder structure organization.
  • Adonis.js authentication system decreases the time required for the development.

When to use Adonis.js

It is perfect for building server-side applications. Stable and scalable applications.

Summing Up

We have analyzed and presented the top 8 node.js frameworks which are popularly used for web application development. There are many more frameworks present in the market, if that confuses you in picking the best node.js framework, we suggest you consult the best node js development company to guide you. The web application is a crucial component of your business, so choose the web application company that would deliver the best, most customized, and cost-effective solution.

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