Implementing Event-Driven I/O Model In A Scalable Way

Nodejs is a JavaScript runtime environment. It came into being when the original JavaScript developers extended it from something that the user could run in the browser as a standalone application. JavaScript offers tons of other options when compared to other scripting languages. Both the browser JavaScript and Node JavaScript run on the V8 Javascript runtime engine. This engine accepts your JavaScript code and converts it into machine code quickly.

Nodejs is getting more popular because of its rich data exchange experience it offers to the developers. Developers use the rich data exchange feature and implement the same into multi-media, real-time tracking, and chat service. They can easily develop complex applications by leveraging the asynchronous programming scalability.

Distinct Features Of NodeJavaScript Framework

Being an open-source framework, Nodejs has a unique set of features that make it the widely popular runtime environment to develop applications and websites.

Open-Source Framework

Nodejs is an open-source framework and is supported by a huge community. Its community has contributed to adding capabilities to the application development processes.

Easy To Use & Deploy

Node JavaScript is built on V8 Javascript Engine. This engine is Google Chrome's scripting engine and supports several libraries that are developer-friendly and are executed quickly.


All the libraries are asynchronous and the servers never wait for an API to send the response. These servers work simultaneously and move onto the next application programming interface.


Node JavaScript follows event-mechanism and because of this feature, it is highly scalable. This open-source framework assists the servers with the non-blocking response.


With event-mechanism integration, Nodejs follows the single-thread model. This is quite helpful while handling multiple requests and allows the developers to create single-page applications.

No Buffering

One of the most important features of Node JavaScript is its asynchronous behavior. It never buffers any data from a particular API and switches onto the next API whenever required.

Cross-Platform Development

Nodejs is flexible in nature and developers can easily leverage this framework to develop cross-platform applications. It supports various platforms.

Customized Nodejs Solutions At DRC Systems

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Microservices Development

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IoT-Based Application Development

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Nodejs App Migration

Migrate your old applications to the latest Nodejs framework and harness the benefits of additional features.

Nodejs CMS Development

Our customized CMS development solutions are more flexible and offer you tons of features to edit and manage your web content.

Customized API Development & Integration

Our experienced developers offer seamless integration with improved custom API development.

Advantages of Nodejs Framework

Apart from being open-source, the NodeJavaScript environment provides developers with plenty of options to simplify the development process. Here is a quick overview of some pros of this framework.

Easy To Learn & Understand

Nodejs is easy to grasp once you have mastered JavaScript and OOP basics. It is easy to learn and simple to understand. There is no steep learning curve. Any developer can learn the verticals of this environment and envelope new skills.

Keeps Things Simple

Not only startups but large enterprises also implement Nodejs as it is really easy to share one language both on the client-side and server-side. This eliminates the need for switching between front-end and back-end.

High Scalability

Application and product-based organizations love this framework to develop lightweight yet faster systems with a better response time. Nodejs framework is more suited for a microservice architecture that is beneficial for the projects.


In the past few years, the number of companies using Nodejs has increased and their products are dominating the market. Nodejs is extremely popular because of its community and giants including eBay, PayPal, and Netflix have joined this hype.

Easy MVP Development

Marketing a product takes time, money, and effort. Using this open-source framework, developers design the MVP (minimum viable product) easily with lesser budgets and a simple-to-design coding architecture.

Huge Community Support

An active community means a lot of support, assistance, and feedback. The NodeJavaScript community can help any business with the necessary tools and methods to accelerate the product development process.

Why DRC Systems For Your Nodejs Requirements?

Several companies leverage Nodejs as an open-source framework to develop single-page applications and websites. DRC Systems is a Nodejs development company that provides custom Node JavaScript solutions and services to its clients across the globe. Our NodeJS developers use the same code in different parts of the application to eliminate the dilemma. This saves a lot of time, renders faster code development and quicker project delivery.

Our developers have years of experience in designing customized solutions using this open-source runtime environment. This allows us to market the application faster. We have been leveraging this framework to develop customized solutions and applications to meet our clients’ requirements.

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