The Ultimate Guide to Hire iOS Developers in 2023

August 18, 2023

Mobile applications become the face of your business and one of the crucial digital assets of your company. There are no chances you want to take when it comes to building your brand or business image. To develop the best-performing applications, you need to hire the best iOS developers. We have curated this guide to hire iOS developers with our experience and expertise as a mobile app development company.

Certain facts about iOS applications:

  • Around 4.4 million apps are available in the Apple Store.
  • 30,000 iOS apps are launched every month.
  • Revenue generation through iOS applications is higher.
  • Apple’s iOS market share is 28.4 percent.

If you have already decided to build an iOS app for your business, you know how an iOS app can help your business grow. If not, here are some of the reasons why you should choose to build an iOS app for your business.

Benefits of iOS App for your business

1. High ROI

More iOS users make in-app purchases compared to other application users. Therefore the chance of return on investment in the case of an iOS app is higher, making it a preferred option for businesses.

2. More Secure

There are in-built security features in iOS app development that protects the app from external threats like virus and malware attack. Mobile apps are incorporating the feature of online payments, as businesses need to facilitate online buying and selling. iOS apps follow practices that ensure safe online transactions.

3. Better customer experience

Providing a better customer experience is of paramount importance for businesses in today’s highly competitive era. iOS apps facilitate great user experience, as Apple store guidelines guarantee high-quality apps through their rules and practices.

4. Exposure

Owning an iOS mobile application is advantageous in terms of global outreach. The fact that iOS phones are preferred and widely used in developed countries, prepares you for the expansion of your business.

5. Quality

Apple stores have quality checks before launching it to the market and users. This procedure guarantees only quality applications for the users, which creates an image in the user’s mind. Therefore there is already trust built for your business, if you build an iOS application.

Things to keep in mind before hiring an iOS developer

1. Requirements

When you think of building a mobile application or any software for your business, it has certain objectives. These objectives give a brief idea about the project’s demands. It is important to know as it would help in estimating the complexity, period, and cost of the development. There is a possibility of modification in the requirements during the development phase, which can be incorporated by the developers.

2. Business Goals

It is a given fact that there are certain goals and objectives of the project development. You need to have clarity as a business owner, which would help the developers in integrating them. Depending on the expected result the app development team can recommend features and functionalities to be added.

3. Target Audience

One cannot build a successful application without the knowledge of the target audience. In simple language the users for whom this app has been developed. A better user experience can only be delivered when we know about the user’s expectations which can be collected through surveys.

4. Selecting the right team

Picking an iOS app development company that can provide you with talented iOS developers would make all the difference. You can focus on all the core business functions if the hired developers team is efficient in their job.

How to hire an iOS developer

Developing an app requires investment and time. Before choosing iPhone app developers you need to consider certain factors which would help in making the right decision.

1. Project details

The first step is to know what type of application you need. The details of the project need to be clearly defined and precise to avoid any discrepancies later. Whether this application is for the internal use of the company or to connect with customers. The features you want to add to the app and other details.

2. Choose the model

Once you know the project requirements, the next question is where to find an iOS developer for hire. There are multiple ways to find one, it would depend on your preference.

i) Freelance developers

There are a number of platforms available online from where you can hire developers. These freelance developers work independently and on a project basis.

ii) In house

The other option is to set up an in-house technical team for the app development. It requires setting up the entire infrastructure and team if not already present in the company.

iii) iOS mobile application development company

There are software development companies that provide this service. You need to look for a suitable company that would help you in developing your project.

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Choosing the right language for iOS app development

3. Skill Assessment

After the selection of the developer’s source between a freelancer, in-house, or outsourcing. Irrespective of that you need to assess the developer’s skill set, this would include the following steps.

i. Technical Skills

Setting up an interview with shortlisted developers would help you gauge their technical competence. If you have a technical expert in your team the interview can be set up with him or one can outsource that as well.

Two of the widely popular programming languages used for iOS app development are;

a) Objective C

It is a relatively old programming language used for iOS development. A high-level, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. It is based on C language, therefore developers are familiar with how to work with Objective C.

b) Swift

It is a general-purpose, powerful, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language which was developed by Apple and released in 2014. Swift has a resourceful library that eases the development process, also there are a number of tools and frameworks available with Swift. It was created keeping in mind iOS development, hence it is more efficient in comparison to other languages.

ii. Soft Skills

Application development not only requires technical skills but also requires soft skills for project management. Language barriers can be a hindrance in the project development process. Depending on the region and the choice of language you need to choose the team of iOS developers. Some of the essential skills;

a) Time Management

Time to market is a crucial component of the successful delivery of the project. On-time completion is managed if the in-between targets are met without compromising the quality of work.

b) Leadership Skills

Efficient leadership is a necessity to complete the project on time with the expected results. Since there are several developers working, team leaders ensure collaboration and coordination.

c) Communication Skills

Oral and written communication both are necessary for effective communication between the team members and the client.

4. Portfolio assessment

You can request the software development company to provide you with the portfolios of all the iOS developers on their team. It has details about past project experience, which would give you an insight into the technical expertise and project-handling skills they possess as a developer.

5. Agreement

Once you have found the best iOS developer for your mobile application development. There are certain other things you need to discuss such as terms and conditions, payment mode, services, confidentiality, and some other critical factors.

Advantages of hiring an iOS developer from a mobile app development company

1. Exposure to talent

When you work with an iOS development company, you get to hire a talented and experienced team based on your project.

2. On-time completion

The development company has huge resources and is committed to completing the project on time.

3. Overall solution

You don’t need to worry about any other aspect of the iOS application development, the development company has all the experts in the team for complete project management.

4. Scalability

It also provides the flexibility to scale up or down the project, as per the requirement during the project development.


Hiring the best iOS developers with the right skill set is crucial for the success of the mobile application for your business. You need to consider all the aspects before making the decision. We have discussed in detail how to hire iOS developers, what skills you need to look for, and the things you should consider and evaluate. We have also dealt with the question of where to find an iOS app developer. This blog will guide you through the process of finding the right team in alignment with the business objectives.

DRC Systems has been into software development services for more than a decade and gained experience with many businesses as their digital partners. Our experience enables us to create this guide that would serve you in hiring iOS developers. You can connect with us, as we offer a wide range of mobile app development services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hiring an iOS Developer

Q. What does an iOS developer do?

iOS developers help you build software applications or software for iOS operating systems. They have the knowledge and skills to provide all iOS-related services.

Q. What are the skills required for an iOS developer?

They need to be versed in programming languages such as Swift, and Objective C, and knowledge about Apple frameworks like core animation, core data, and core text. Also familiar with IDEs AppCode, Xcode, and Coderunner and not just limited to these technical skills.

Q. How do I hire an iOS developer?

You can hire freelance developers from different platforms or connect to an iOS development company to delegate your project.

Q. Why should you hire iOS developers from a software development company?

When you are looking for developers who can completely take care of your development requirements. Whether you are building an iOS app, or need an iPad developer or any iOS development services working with an experienced development company is the best choice.

Q. How does an iOS app help a business?

The iOS application market size is constantly growing because of its performance. High Security, exposure to global users, and better ROI are some of the factors that make it popular among businesses looking for building applications.


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