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Drupal is an open-source content management system and it is used for web content management. The global enterprises, governments, educational institutions, NGOs, and other sectors use this CMS platform to manage all the content. It is flexible and highly scalable and manages a single website in multiple languages across several devices.

It is an interesting ‘out-of-the-box’ platform that acts as a web content management tool and customization platform where you can customize the different aspects of your web content. Drupal website development suite offers you the quality tools and options to manage, edit, and publish web content on your website. It is used by different businesses and tech leaders to create real-world business solutions that empower the digital web.

Distinct Features That Make Drupal A Powerful CMS

Being an open-source platform, anyone can use it for Drupal website development. The most important feature of this platform is Drupal theme development. Anyone can create low-end drupal themes within a couple of seconds.

Highly Scalable

Drupal manages the most high-traffic websites in the world. Websites including Weather.com, Youtube, Facebook, and others that experience periodic spikes daily, use Drupal. It is done to ensure that the content is updated daily and leads to successful traffic acquisition.


Drupal website development suite helps you create web applications. These applications and websites deliver optimal visitor experiences, no matter what device they use. Drupal supports responsive web development every time.

Digital Application Integration

This platform offers a web design feature that integrates with a wide ecosystem of digital marketing and other business applications. It offers the best suite of tools and organizations club this with different functionalities. It focuses on API and connects content with apps.

Drupal Web Hosting Options

There are several web hosting services available online. You can select the one that works best for your company, business, or personal services. The free version comes with a few customization options and SEO utilities and you can always go premium to access everything.

Advantages Of Leveraging Drupal For Business

Drupal is an amazing open-source platform and comes with its own set of advantages. This CMS is popular because of the huge community support. Developers and digital marketers love this platform to create beautiful designs and SEO friendly content.


Drupal's community provides huge support and assistance to keep the Drupal websites secure. The huge community provides unmatched support and assistance. The open-source community can identify the vulnerabilities and create patch updates to safeguard your websites.

Flexible Content Architecture

Design the right content architecture using the admin interface or create a custom architecture. With a powerful display and suite of tools, you can choose which content to showcase. The content might include media types such as images, video files, and PDFs.

Unlimited Business Tools

Drupal has a brilliant suite of tools and allows businesses to create custom solutions according to their needs. You can sevenfold the revenue of your company leveraging Drupal. This platform acts as a website builder and a content management system with a plethora of tools and utilities.

Easy Content Audit

Use effective tools to create content and publish it. The 'What You See Is What You Get' editor is a powerful editor to manage all the content. The authors, site admins, and marketers use authentication and permissions for managing the editorial workflows to access all the features they need.

Multisite Support

Manage multiple websites across your organization, brands, and geographies all from one place. The multisite support feature offers you a centralized control hub. It gives you access to easy site creation, management, and deployment. Manage every website that is linked to your business.

Talented Community

Building a business website requires knowledge, unique designs, and expertise. If you have a query, there is always someone who has the solution, thanks to the hugely experienced and talented community. Utilize the full potential of this open-source by accessing the previously built solutions.


With Drupal's structured data model, you can showcase your content in multiple layouts with more responsive optimization. Apart from that, you can export it to any client or application using the built-in REST services. This open architecture offers an environment to connect with other data sources.

Multilingual Support

You can easily design architecture to deliver your websites to multilingual audiences as a part of your localization strategy. Drupal makes it easy to create and manage websites for different geographies and locations. A centralized hub helps you manage your multilingual business.

Powerful Agile Foundation

The Drupal core consists of modern-day LAMP technology i.e., Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. These technologies and platforms are powerful as individual units but you get to implement the combo with Drupal. Drupal can help you manage the constantly changing business requirements.

DRC Systems, A Drupal Development Company

Since its inception in 2012, DRC Systems has been providing quality content services using Drupal. We are an IT company and specialize in Drupal web designing. We are experts in several domains of the tech market and our team of professional Drupal developers uses this powerful CMS to design custom solutions and services. We utilize the Drupal LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) core for dynamic website development.

A website is where all the transactions take place and acquiring new leads is something Drupal can help your website with. We at DRC Systems, hold a strong forte in designing some of the best Drupal-powered websites. Our team of digital experts and Drupal specialists carry years of experience in delivering customized web designs and we have been powering several businesses across the globe.

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