Manage Your Daily Business Activities

ERP is a very important business pillar that supports every business process right from operations including inventory control, accounting, engineering planning, site management, and business management. Having a working ERP infrastructure is like having a team for constant supervision of your business.

Benefits Of Having An ERP For Your Business

  • Make your business pillars more agile.
  • Higher transparency on all business levels.
  • ERP is considered as the central management hub for the whole organization.
  • Standardize your global business operations and exceed the benchmarks.
  • Get a unique level of wise access to your business operations.

Our ERP Solutions

ERP Sales Management Services

Our sales management services help you manage your sales teams by implementing target-driven ERP systems that are developed by our professional developers. We design solutions that manage your sales activities effectively.

ERP Product Management Services

Get scalable and powerful product management solutions that are customized to resonate with your business activities. With our developers, you get smoother product management, top-notch quality services.

ERP SCM Services

It is important to manage the supply chain for every business process. A customized ERP powered SCM streamlines the technological instances and improves the entire process. Experience improved performance with our SCM services.

ERP CRM Services

At DRC Systems, we deliver performance. In a customer-centric market, where customers are a priority, we design solutions that satisfy their needs and make your business operations more effective. We address your CRM issues with custom services.

ERP HCM Services

Manage your workforce effectively with our customized HCM services. Human resources are the most important part of any business. Our HCM services offer human capital management and allow you to manage your human workforce effectively.

ERP Finance Services

Finance management is an important pillar of any business. It plays a vital role in financial management. Our customized financial services powered by ERP simplify your business objectives, achievements, and new product launches.

Our Approach

ERP implementation life cycle highlights the different phases in the process. Right from the screening of the perfect ERP bundle, there are various steps involved in the ERP implementation life cycle.

Package Deal Selection

Within the screening course, the ERP packages which aren't suitable are eliminated. The relevant package deal is selected, tested and determines the success of ERP.

Undertaking Planning

Proper planning of the venture implementation process needs to be accomplished and designed. The resources have to be allotted and the workforce members need to be selected.

GAP Analysis

GAP evaluation is a vital step in the ERP implementation life cycle.GAP analysis is completed to investigate the current scenario of the organization and the future place as required.


Business process reengineering offers an in-depth understanding of the existing business activities for successful ERP implementation. Reduced costs and improved processes are a part of this.

Coaching & Training

Coaching & Training of the staff begins together with the implementation course within the ERP implementation life cycle.


Testing is an important step and is carried out so that the testers can find and remove them as early as possible. It is carried out before the implementation process.


Once the brand new system is applied, the old system is removed. The end consumers are educated with easy methods to use the brand new system functionalities.


The problems are recognized and employees discover ways to deal with them. Maintenance is also an essential stage of the ERP implementation life cycle.

Why Choose DRC Systems For Your Custom ERP Needs?

Enterprise Resource Planning improves the effectiveness of your business activities, smoothens information flow, and offers a plethora of enterprise-grade features. ERP customization is the need of the hour and this is where DRC Systems comes into the picture. We leverage ERP resources and this allows us to optimize the business operations and promote faster and effective decision making.

We have been providing customized ERP solutions to several agencies worldwide and are still counting the numbers. Our ERP resources and developers are highly skilled in their work and we at DRC Systems, love to deliver great results. Our ERP resources and experts carry years of experience in developing dynamic services that assist businesses across the globe. We have successfully delivered state-of-the-art ERP solutions to several businesses in different industries.

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