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Java is a powerful high-level programming language. Developers around the world leverage this platform to prepare mobile and desktop applications, big data analysis, and embedded systems. It runs on above 3 billion devices around the world which makes it one of the widely used programming languages.

It is an object-oriented programming language that is designed for the distributed environment of the Internet. Java API is a set of classes included with the Java Development Environment. Developers prepare this set of classes using the Java language and these classes run on Java Virtual Machine. It comes with a suite of features and added advantages.

Our Java Web Development Services

DRC Systems has been delivering dynamic JAVA solutions to businesses worldwide. We are proud of our Java developers who carry years of experience developing customized enterprise-grade solutions.

Java Web App Design

Our Java developers are competent enough to build secure, incredible, and powerful Java websites for different industries including finance, healthcare, retail, logistics, and many more.

Java Mobile App Design

Our mobile development team has been nurturing businesses in the mobile market with interactive, and powerful Java-based mobile apps. Our mobile solutions offer improved performance.

Java/J2EE Design

We understand how businesses thrive in the market and that is why we render robust and high-end Java applications using the J2EE framework according to your business requirements.

Payment Gateway Integration

We also integrate secure payment gateways in your eCommerce stores. A secure payment gateway increases the customers' trust in your brand.

Java CMS Service

Our Java experts build high-end CMS websites to cater to your exponential growth in the market. We deliver Java-powered content management solutions to our clients across the globe.

Maintenance & Support

Our specialists ensure the smooth functioning of your project that resonates with your customized business requirements. We deliver bug-free solutions and assist you with maintenance and support.

Features of Java

Most of the features of Java are also its advantages and these unique features make it a one-of-a-kind programming language. Java offers a huge plethora of features.

Simple to Follow

The coding environment in Java is very similar to that in C++. Apart from this, Java also removes the flaws of the C++ language. If you have a good command of C+ then Java is easy to learn.

OOP Language

It is an object-oriented programming language and comes with features like data abstraction, data encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance, and many other features.

Offers Functional Support

Functional interfaces and lambda expressions are the two important features of the Java programming language. These features increase the flexibility of this platform to support functional programming.

Robust In Nature

With a plethora of features, such as automatic garbage collection, simple memory management model, try-with-resources, and generics, it helps the developer to create reliable and scalable apps.

Top-Notch Security

The Java platform is designed in a way that the security features allow the developer to create apps that cannot be invaded from outside. This is the security feature that the platform inherits from OOP.

Java Web Applications

The Java code is compiled into bytecode first and then optimized by the Java compiler. The developer can write native code and integrate it with the Java Native Interface (JNI).

DRC Systems A JAVA Web Development Company

If your organization needs customized Java-based solutions to power up your business then look no further! DRC Systems would love to help you with full-stack JAVA development services. We have been delivering customized solutions to businesses across the globe.

Our JAVA experts carry years of experience in dynamic application development and carry a forte in delivering highly customized and intricate solutions. The main reason we leverage JAVA is its simple build and object-oriented approach. Our solutions are cost-effective according to industry standards.

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