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Open edX® platform is an online learning portal founded by Harvard and MIT in 2012. It offers state-of-the-art learning courses from the world’s best universities, coaches, and institutions everywhere. It is the only leading MOOC provider that is both open-source and nonprofit. Being a non-profitable and open-source online software, it differentiates itself from other online learning platforms like Coursera and Udacity. In light of MOOC, it is one of the preferred platforms for developing the best video experience and interactive learning courses across the globe.

Flexibility and Freedom



Access to resources and courses

Open edX community aims to provide

Quality education for everyone
Advanced online teaching
Advanced learning through research
Advantages Of Open edX Platform

There are several advantages of the Open edX services that make it the only leading MOOC platform provider in the world.

Projects Designed
Employee Productivity
Polishing their existing skills and developing new skills add to the productivity of your employees. With the implementation of the Open edX platform, you can cut down the huge learning costs and manage business operations effectively.
Clients Worldwide
Easy Access
With Open edX software, employers can make sure that all the learning material and courseware is available for downloading purposes and the assigned employees can access them with ease and comfort at any point in time.
Happy Customers
24/7 Training Sessions
Instead of waiting for a session to commence, the employees can begin their training anywhere anytime. This results in flexible timings that fit their schedules and offer them the flexibility to access the learning modules according to their convenience.

Our Open edX development services

Augmented Intelligence (AR/VR)
Open edX Development Services
DRC Systems implements Open edX technology for creating dynamic MOOC courses. Our planning and implementation phase is highly agile, which allows inculcating the change.
Connected Experience (IoT)
Open edX Customization
At DRC Systems, our sole purpose is to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction. Our wide array of tool suites is customized to meet your diverse and growing needs.
Digital Transformation
Open edX Consulting
Our highly skilled team of developers offers you consulting and custom development services. We make sure that you avail ‘out of the box’ features of this technology

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